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Know more about UI and UX of Web Designing

Any web site may consist of numerous pages and provide varied information to the customers. Designing these web pages to appear elegant, attractive and beautifying them by applying good themes, colors and making them user friendly is what Web- designing… Continue Reading →

Design A Proficient And Interactive Website With HTML5

A web site attracts the user with its attractive appeal and interfacing feature with users. A web site designer must take care of the design in a perfect manner for making it efficient and appealing. The site must be executing… Continue Reading →

Design Creativity and Innovation in Web Design Topics 2014

The term “Website or Web Design” is a class of common interest wrapping its clear measures of the ground.  Often some of the informative sentences on most of the things from user experience to client management and to the changing… Continue Reading →

Xhtmlchamps Announces a Bunch of Spectacular Discounts and Gifts on Its 7th Birthday

” In this highly competitive information’s age, XHTMLChamps provides outstanding Web Design & Development and Psd conversion services. The company is glad in offering several discounts and gifts to its new and existing clients for future project(s) on it’s 7th… Continue Reading →

How to speed up your WordPress website?

Do Speed Matters for Your WordPress Website? – Here is a Guide to Speed Up Your WordPress Website The speed of a website is imperative to improve the performance of your business. This is more important than anything else. It… Continue Reading →

XHTMLchamps Announces Super Saver Discount offers for PSD Conversion Services

XHTML Champs, one of the leading PSD Conversion Services, provides successful conversion of PSD to HTML and integrates it into Drupal, WordPress and Joomla. In addition, eCommerce deployment is our other specialization. We remain as the best web design and… Continue Reading →

Architecture and Key Features of Modx

MODX – A Completely Flexible Open Source Content Management System for Creative Websites   Modx and CMS Content Management System helps to create and manage web content in an easy way by separating website into different parts like design, content,… Continue Reading →

Popular Media And Techniques of Digital Art

Digital Art brings together Art and Technology   The breakthrough for computer art happened in 1968. The Cybernetic Serendipity exhibition was held in London in that year and that was the world’s first exhibition of digital art. The popularity of… Continue Reading →

A Step –by- Step Guide to Install and Configure WordPress ‘Comment Approved’ plug in

 WordPress, the most popular CMS, has tons of plug-ins for adding all types of features as desired by the site owners.  WordPress is a powerful platform for blogging. It also has high flexibility to accommodate attractive, high-end websites once site… Continue Reading →

6 Tips to Improve the Usability of Joomla and Increase the Reach of Web Site

Joomla creates many possibilities to flexible Joomla website development according to specific business needs. It makes even a complex operation simple and makes your website faster with improved rates. It has the potential to reduce the bandwidth cost and increase website ranking… Continue Reading →

How to Promote your online Store on Pinterest

How Effective is Pinterest to Promote your Online Store on Pinterest Pinterest is a rising social media platform encouraging online business. It boasts over 135 million visitors every day and increases the traffic tremendously when compared to Google+, Linkedin and… Continue Reading →

Amazing Ways to Convert Photoshop Files to Joomla

Most of the business owners have their websites listed, and uphold on the new platform gives by the new technologies. Many websites contain on different products and information for the customers to make their decisions. Most of the business has… Continue Reading →

Tips for Learning PSD to HTML5/CSS conversion

Designing and developing a website involves a distinct set of activities. Both, however, are dependent on each other to deliver the finished product. Your design activities involve your aesthetic and creative genius to help you deliver a clean and beautiful… Continue Reading →

How to Convert WordPress Site to Joomla?

Joomla is one of the world’s most popular content management systems. It enables you to build powerful online application and websites for your business or personal use. Joomla has many factors like extensibility and ease-of-use, which makes it award winning… Continue Reading →

Best practices for Drupal website developers

Drupal is one of the best open source Content Management systems written using MySQL and PHP. It has offered a refined and effective programming interface for the developers. It allows the inexperienced developer also to program a basic website and… Continue Reading →

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