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PSD to Responsive Email Template Conversion

The advent of smart phones and other internet related mobile devices not only means users access business websites based on recommendations and social apps on the go, but also email; the most preferred mode of communication in the world of… Continue Reading →

Details on PSD to XHTML CSS2 Conversion –Tips to choose the right service provider

Websites have become the engines that lead the way in internet marketing; now they would serve this purpose if and only if their design/ content has the reach to capture  and hold the browser’s attention, is it not? The fundamental… Continue Reading →

What is the Best CMS for an E-Commerce Website? – An overall comparative Study.

Ecommerce has steadily continued to climb to be one of the most reliable and preferable means to purchase goods/services on the internet; paving way for innumerable number of businesses to mushroom in the internet and utilize the endless possibilities it… Continue Reading →

Responsive websites- learn more about Bootstrap and flat UI (User interface).

Flat UI design is increasingly being deployed in redesigning as well as to build new websites; the trend is growing across websites / designing applications for mobiles alike. Before we discuss Flat UI further, consider the following. Now can a… Continue Reading →

Flat design-Is it the future of an efficient User Interface design?

A popular and effective user interface is that which solely focuses on the users experience and interaction. The goal of a good user interface is to make the interaction between the user and itself as simple, efficient and less time… Continue Reading →

Do you intend to upgrade your word press site? Consider Shopify.

The growth of business and ecommerce as an industry online is steadily climbing and is fast becoming one of the most efficient, reliable and preferable means to purchase goods. The very existence of the ability to sell online has opened… Continue Reading →

Html Validation- Pitches your website that much higher!

Websites all around the world are written using mark up languages such as HTML (different versions of it); these languages allow the web designer to include any form of text or multimedia features. It also allows the user to specify… Continue Reading →

HTML tools and snippets you can’t do without

Html5 is the all new package of mark up languages introduced by the W3C (World Wide Web consortium) for the purpose of presenting data on the internet.Html4.0 or Html 1.0 has been used for more than a decade now, the… Continue Reading →

Prestashop – Equip yourself with updates on it

Ecommerce has indeed taken the market by storm today. Selling of goods by businesses across other businesses and consumers through an electronic medium maybe termed as e-commerce in simple terms. The whole e-commerce transaction is however solely completed over the… Continue Reading →

Migration from Word press to Drupal

Making the choice of the right content management system can prove a tad over whelming; which begins right at the step of enlisting the correct set of requirements for your website. Before you know it, given the numerous options available… Continue Reading →

Tired of your mundane word press site? Simple steps migrate to Drupal

Word-press was basically introduced as an extremely user friendly and innovative form of a CMS (Content management system) platform. It just requires is just a copy paste of text from a word document into a word press site to make… Continue Reading →

Programming languages and their advantages

When the number of websites has increased and the completion for high page ranking has become tough, the concept of a good website has changed a lot. An attractively designed template with relevant will not make a good website any… Continue Reading →

Excellent features of Magento

Taking business online has become a necessary rather than a luxury. There was a time when a website was a mere symbol of status, but it has evolved to a necessity for success in business. Many retail outlets have come… Continue Reading →

How drupal 8 will differ from other versions

Drupal, one of the most popular CMS is coming out with their latest version, Drupal8. Though the company does not reveal the details about all the features and advantages of the latest version, there are some rumors and guessing going… Continue Reading →

All about Responsive Web Design

What is responsive web design The term responsive web design is going around in the world of websites for quite some time. Many people are not fully aware about this new concept in web designing. A responsive web design is… Continue Reading →

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