We all know that Joomla is a user-friendly free open source web development content management system you may want to choose while building your website. When it comes to creation of a website, Joomla! proves to be advantageous for beginners as well as for advanced webmasters alike. It combines the benefits of WordPress along with the functionality of the content management systems like Drupal and therefore makes it easy to create and manage websites of superior quality.

However just the basic outlay of Joomla provides you with just enough information to manage an overall basic site; for any form of enhanced functionality you will need to provide your site with extensions or add-ons. Joomla provides you with extensions for almost every other purpose beginning right from social networking.

Joomla Website

  • K2-Easy of editing content post installing the basic Joomla structure is facilitated by the K2 extension; the plug in gives the users ability to create rich content forms used to add fields for images, videos, galleries and more to standard articles. This plugin is an extremely useful option for users; it’s a great option for users who may want to use their Joomla sites as interactive media centers, ecommerce stores and more.
  • SH404SEF-This is a powerful and dynamic solution which aids in transforming your website into an SEO powerhouse. It is effectively able to turn auto-generated Joomla URLs into keyword-rich and SEO-friendly alternatives with recent releases expanding its functionality to include Google Analytics support etc.
  • JComments -Your site gets more interactive and informative when you begin diligently begin gathering data on those who visit your site .The plugin JComments allows active participation of users while giving the site administrator full moderation control ; it also encourages an increased number of people to register. JComments comes with anti-spam features and it can be integrated easily with many third-party extensions.
  • Mobile Joomla-Smart phone and internet based devices on the go have taken up the consumer market by storm today; businesses are automatically expected to have a mobile responsive website; before you begin looking at other venues to build on you may want to have a look at this extension, which automatically generates mobile website versions as per the device used by the user.
  • Virtuemart -Websites have long begun active involvement in ecommerce; to integrate a complete shopping site to your joomla site then this is the extension you probably should be looking at. It is equipped with most features you can find in a standalone shopping cart right from the order history for the customers, confirmation email, product ratings, recommendations and downloadable products. Most payment gateways such as Paypal, Authorize.net etc are also supported by this plugin.
  • Jumi -Jumi is that wonderful Joomla extension which facilitates easy integration and creation of new components, it also eases up the act of having to customize plugins and run Javascript easily. It’s a great platform that gives you the freedom of having to try simple script files, include extra banners, develop forms and move static html pages to module positions without any complication or fuss. It’s that perfect extension for an advanced user looking to expand Joomla’s capabilities.
  • Phoca Google Adsense Easy -Google Adsense is difficult to integrate into Joomla’s modules given the fact that it’s important to monetize your site and create additional revenue from it. This particular extension offers an easy solution to that problem by merely allowing you to copy and paste the Adsense code and place it accordingly to where it needs to be placed in the site. This may also be used to add the Google Calendar and Google Search code to your website.
  • FrontPage Slideshow -Although there are a variety of different Joomla extensions which offer the slide show functionality to your website, FrontPage stands out for its ability to integrate text and images together along with the number of configuration options available to enhance the appearance of your slide show.
  • XMAP-Needless to say, sitemaps are important for both visitor navigation as well as for search engine indexing. This particular extension eases up the task of Joomla sitemap building, thus allowing sites to create both front-end and XML sitemaps as per the existing structure of your menus.
  • Community Builder- This tool allows Joomla site users to revamp their web pages into highly-interactive communities via integration of registration features, profile pages, forums etc. Further, this works with multiple other modules and plugins that enhance the social integration features of your site.
  • Better Preview-Once this plug in is installed, it generates previews of a content piece, menu item or even an extension you’re editing – before you actually begin to commit changes in the live environment.
  • Backup Software-This extention allows you to create a site backup that which can effectively be restored on any Joomla!-capable server. A complete backup of your site is created in a single archive which can used to move your site to a different host or simply used as a safety back up during adhoc situations.

There are several other extensions you may want to incorporate into your Joomla powered website depending on demands of your business, consumer or changing trends in the market.