wordpress comment approved plugin

 WordPress, the most popular CMS, has tons of plug-ins for adding all types of features as desired by the site owners.  WordPress is a powerful platform for blogging. It also has high flexibility to accommodate attractive, high-end websites once site developers include all necessary widgets and plug-ins.  WordPress Web developers from across the world have contributed and developed this application, which is becoming favorite CMS for all website designers and developers.

Comments are the most interesting thing for a blog post as well challenging for all moderators. Popular sites will receive hundreds of comments and it is not possible to reply to all visitors who have actively participated or shown genuine interest towards them.  Plugins enable site owners or moderators to automate routine manual work and help in easy administration.

Comment Approved Plug-in, written by Neils van Renselaar, works with WordPress 3.0.0 and higher version. It is compatible up to WordPress version 4.0. It has been regularly updated and maintained by its author. Having obtained five stars, this is one of the popular plugins for notifying comment approvals.

Visitors of any website who comment on web posts and on articles need to be responded in some ways. Especially when their comments are published after site moderators’ approval, it is a basic courtesy to notify authors of the comment.  This ‘Comment Approved’ plug-in does that job for the site owner. A customized notification can be sent to visitors whose comments have approved and published.

How to Install Comment Approved’ plug in?

Here is a step by step guide to install Comment Approved’ plug in:

1.    To install Comment Approved, plug in, select plugins menu from admin dashboard screen and click ‘Add New’ tab. This will open ‘Install Plugin’ window

2.    Type the name of the plugin in the search box and hit ‘search plugins’.   This in turn will present relevant plugins from repository of wordpress.org

3.    Click ‘Install Now’ link and watch WordPress installing it

4.    Do not forget to activate the plugin after it gets installed

Another method of installing is through ‘upload’ function.

Download, plug-in folder from WordPress.org site and then upload it from users’ computer to their website using ‘upload’ button in the same ‘Install Plug-in’ window, will also successfully install this.

How to Configure Comment Approved’ plug in:  

This is a very simple plugin that needs only a few minutes of configuring.

Here is a guide for you:

1.    Select ‘settings’ of this plugin and click to open a new window for configuring. (The user has only three things to attend: Message, Enable and Save)

2.    There will be a pre-written message in the message box.  In case, the user needs to supply something different than type the sentences in the message box.  The content in the message box is the notification content; therefore it is imperative to write suitable content to respond visitors who have commented

3.     After typing a message, click its tiny box to enable the message

4.    Finally, click ‘save’ to save new settings

Highlighting features of this plug-in are its automation of notification for approved comments.  In case, the user does not click the enable button, it will send a notification to all commentators and this may lead to unnecessary troubles. Hence, enabling the feature that triggers the approved comments is essential for quality work experience.