Powerful shopping cart software engineers the functioning of an eCommerce website on the internet; the shopping cart software is the heart and soul of the eCommerce website. It begins its role as an online store product catalog, acts as the customer user interface, proceeds to handle the ordering process, controls and monitors the back-end inventory infrastructure while completing the role as a payment gateway. It is crucial to choose the right shopping cart software which competent as well as flexible to accommodate changes in the business and replicate those in the website as well.

Zen Cart is a full-featured open source shopping cart software, that’s optimal as well as a cost effective management system for those who want to sell out their online store! This shopping cart is PHP-based, uses HTML modules on a MySQL database. Zen Cart allows ease of navigability, helps to view and download different sized images and completes the process of sale effortlessly. The highlight in opting for Zen Cart for ecommerce sites is the fact that it offers multilingual support; a feature that allows development of the same site in many other languages. Watch your business grow and adapt your website simultaneously!

Here’s what Zencart can do for your website!

  • Allows extensive customization for your store front.
  • Modules can be added to simultaneously increase functionality to both the storefront as well as the administrative panel.
  • Supports custom features designed by a programmer so as to increase functionality; just in case you opt to have your store perform with some changes.

Conversion process begins with PSD to HTML

PSD or Adobe’s Photoshop files cannot directly translate into a web page, because of its static nature. They will need to be sliced into a format that can be used to build web pages, that is into a mark-up language called HTML. HTML codes/files combined with a style sheet language called CSS decide the overall look, design and functioning of a certain website. You may choose to flag off the conversion process using the best form of conversion – which is hand coded. Once your files are converted to a HTML version of your choice, you may integrate XHTML to Zen Cart theme or template to launch a successful eCommerce website without any compromise on its functionality.

Advantages of converting into Zencart

  • It is easy to install Zen cart -Zen cart checks the server and database for requirements. An integrated installation tool is installed automatically and the process is started.
  • There is no restriction on shopping for items; however registration would be required to view product, offers and prices.
  • Zen cart offers downloadable virtual products, limitless category depth and physical merchandise in itself. These products can exist in multiple categories.
  • Features that highlight individual special prices, category-wise sale prices, overall sale reductions, group discount details offered to customers, discount coupons etc.
  • XHTML complaint customization of catalogue templates is provided by Zencart; colors, fonts and various graphics can be altered as per requirement using Cascading Style sheets. You are free to generate as many templates and pick the most suited template for your website!
  • As discussed earlier Zen cart websites are Global E-Commerce ready -With multiple language support/ currency / tax support, your Zencart website brings the world to your business!
  • Customized feature that showcases product mode with prices and those without prices.
  • Customer retention is the key for any sale/business operation- Zen cart comes with options for periodic newsletters in HTML or simple text, tracks order status records and email details in the client account. Referral tools and gift certificate features are also included in the Zencart package.
  • Sound and potent administration Tools – Set your parameters, image sizes and client details. Choose a layout setting to employ spotlight listings; proceed to obtain options on details so as to illustrate product details page and more.
  • Zencart features generate Meta tags for search engines- The SEO process begins almost immediately once your Zencart website is up and running!
  • Zencart has a “light footprint” on the virtual arena; it therefore makes itself accessible for shared hosting environments as well.

Zencart is state of the art, user friendly and a free to download shopping cart software; the fact that it is open source brings forth the point that it is constantly evolving to adjust to a changing business climate!

PSD to Zencart Conversion Services