Use of good and correct markup is very much important in the creation of a website and even a slight variation can affect the overall quality of your website. That is the reason for major clients to take the help of experts in the designing and developing of websites, rather than resorting to tools and software available online. HTML is considered one of the best markup languages used in the creation of good websites. XHTML, an extension of HTML has several advantages over HTML and now this is being used widely by many web developers.

When you use XHTML instead of HTML, it makes any future conversions easier. Besides, XHTML has extensibility and it can be supplemented with other markup languages also. Besides, XML processing programs can convert any document in the XHTML to other formats very easily. After all it certainly increases the loading speed and it is compatible with different browsers too.

Advantages of XHTML over HTML

Now you might have convinced about the advantages of using XHTML as the markup language. XHTML is an advanced version and it is always better to sail with the latest technology to make the website a unique and usable one. This single reason is enough to select XHTML as the markup language.

Even if you have gone with XHTML, you may not be able to create a website of high quality if you have engaged the wrong hands. Here is the necessity to select the best PSD to XHTML conversion service provider. This step in the creation of a website is highly crucial and many processes involved in this stage will certainly influence the overall performance of the website.

The design created in PSD format has to be sliced first, before converting to XHTML. Great care should be taken and only those experts with vast experience can do it with high precision and perfection. When the slicing is perfect, then only the next steps can be perfect and thus the original charm of the design can be maintained even after the conversion.

Coding is another area where a high level care should be taken. Short hand codes will help to increase the loading speed of the website. This is a criterion in the algorithm of many search engines. Semantic coding will help to enhance the optimization of the web pages. Images, audio and video if any are also to be optimized at this stage to make the website more search engine friendly. Only a professional PSD to XHTML conversion service provider can do these jobs perfectly. That is why those who are very particular about the quality of the website are hiring professionals instead of using online tools and software to design and develop a website.