In this highly competitive market of global eCommerce, business organizations which think to launch or run eCommerce website often think to build it with the help of open source platforms. The eCommerce market is increasing at a rapid pace and at the same time, the numbers of e-commerce platforms, as well as open source systems available, have grown as well. In this situation, jotting down, which open source platform to utilize when you are looking for building your eCommerce business or online store can be a bit confusing job, especially whether you are not from a technical eCommerce background. So, this is really a challenge to find out the Best 5 Open source eCommerce platforms2015, and here we have discussed regarding that.

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Choose your Best Open Source E-commerce Platform

Here, we have tried to help you to find out and to choose the best 5 open source platforms that suit your eCommerce needs. Before going for further discussion, we need to know a bit the difference between managed eCommerce platform vs. content management systems or open source. As the name suggests, managed eCommerce is hosted eCommerce platform, for instance, Shopify and BigCommerce or other open sources CMS like Joomla or Drupal. It is mainly hosted on a server which you will not have any access to, but a content management system based website is a self-hosted on a server you need to buy. Which option you buy fully depends on your need and your technical involvement. Let us talk about Best 5 Open source eCommerce platforms 2015.

1)      BigCommerce.    BigCommerce is one of the reliable and dependable eCommerce platforms nowadays. It is completely the best and perfect back end support eCommerce software. BigCommerce is now an understandable shopping cart option for the realm of online business. The simplicity and the unique feature of this eCommerce software make it a better option as eCommerce platforms at affordable price band.

2)      Shopify.  People, who want to launch or run or deal with their online business in a successful way, can get everything in using Shopify eCommerce platform. The Shopify eCommerce platform has the most important features that an online business solution is looking for. It has customizable designs, web host, website builder, best marketing tools, easy one page check out facility, including simple payment processing potentiality, well back end support system and customer relationship management. It is very easy to use and needs zero technical skill to handle.

3)      Volusion.     Volusion is one of the best small businesses, shopping cart software which offers easy and robust, all in one solution to the online business organizations to sell online in a quick way. If you have just started a new business or you have already acquired a developing business, then volusion eCommerce software easily proffers you a beautifully designed website and unique shopping cart theme at the best price. Volusion does not require any coding or extensive technical skill to start an eCommerce business. It is full server based and easily accessible from various computers.

4)      Magento.    Whether you are looking for a stable, flexible, powerful as well as cost-effective open source e-commerce platform then Magento can be your perfect choice. Many fastest growing organizations like Samsung, Nespresso etc. utilize this highly powerful and flexible platform to enhance their online business. Magento is very dependable. It allows you to manage existing features and also helps you to promote your online store easily and effectively.

5)      3dCart.     3dCart is one of the easiest online store builders, shopping cart software that can launch an eCommerce website in reliable servers on the existing website. This software does not entail any coding skill or web programming knowledge. Online business solutions just need to choose their preferred template to add their business logo with the help of this software. Then they can easily upload the product images, including product description and price to run their business in a successful way.

Open source for eCommerce is a lucrative option as the majority of open source cart software comes with best features as well as important tools without any major licensing fees. Whether you are planning to start your eCommerce business, then the above mentioned open source can be your great help. You can choose any one of them or if you wish to run more than one site then you can use multiple of them. They are better in terms of their flexibility, features and all which you generally look for. They can maximize your shopping cart or online store or eCommerce business experience greatly.

Summary:   For the purpose of online business, online store, online shopping cart or building a great eCommerce site open source software can be great. They are flexible, secure, user-friendly, and manageable and most of them are free to get, due to the reason many online business companies are using open source as a good alternative to proprietary eCommerce business.