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Me cached- The wonder plug-in to optimize the database

A database is a collection of tables of information, a structured set of data that is used to manage data that permits storage and retrieval of data. Typically data in the database is organized in such a way that it… Continue Reading →

Upgrade your Prestashop website and reap its complete benefits- It is easy!

Creation of a website does not just stop with building a basic website design, choosing to convert into a web compatible HTML or your choice of mark-up and thereon incorporating the right content management system or a shopping cart softwareas… Continue Reading →

Prestashop benefits your online store with these new features!

The reach of Internet and Ecommerce has indeed taken enterprises and consumers to a whole level of business transactions; buying and selling online. Powerful ecommerce sites with a host of products, detailing features, reviews and convenient payment gateways simply add… Continue Reading →

Prestashop โ€“ Equip yourself with updates on it

Ecommerce has indeed taken the market by storm today. Selling of goods by businesses across other businesses and consumers through an electronic medium maybe termed as e-commerce in simple terms. The whole e-commerce transaction is however solely completed over the… Continue Reading →

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