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Advantages of XHTML over HTML

Use of good and correct markup is very much important in the creation of a website and even a slight variation can affect the overall quality of your website. That is the reason for major clients to take the help… Continue Reading →

Integrate your website with the right CSS/framework during PSD Conversion

The foundation for your website development begins with the process of conversion of PSD files into HTML needless to mention; exactly here you begin assessing the options of the right framework/CSS style type to integrate your website with. Basically a… Continue Reading →

Ten tips to hire the right HTML developer your website needs.

It is certainly an undisputed fact that the foundation of your website lies in the quality conversion of PSD to HTML. To just refresh the basic, so as to refresh some basics, PSD files are those static photoshop files that… Continue Reading →

Effective PSD TO HTML begins with writing W3C Validated HTML codes

Effective PSD to HTML Conversion Services All websites around the world are written in some form of markup language such as HTML, XHTML, XML, etc. This enables the developer to include any form of text or multimedia features and integrate… Continue Reading →

Html Validation- Pitches your website that much higher!

Websites all around the world are written using mark up languages such as HTML (different versions of it); these languages allow the web designer to include any form of text or multimedia features. It also allows the user to specify… Continue Reading →

Attractive designs for best impression

A perfect website is the one where the talent and technology mixes in the right proportion. First impression is the best impression they say and when it comes to websites, the designs play an important role in creating this first… Continue Reading →

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