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Create A Good Website And Make Your Business Successful

  In a digital world, website is very important for businesses.   It helps to make the business as a brand and also attract the quality traffic for new business leads.  These days’, social media sites become a free marketing tool… Continue Reading →

Outsource to save costs-Hire a PHP developer for large projects!

Hire a PHP Developer: Now we all know that PHP is possibly the most widely-used general-purpose scripting language preferred for Web development; it mainly serves as a server-side scripting language but it can still carry out other CGI program functions… Continue Reading →

Responsive Web Design, New Generation Web Design

There will not be anybody in this world who doubts about the need to have a website to promote business. Nobody, who is serious about developing the business, will ever think about doing so without the help of a website…. Continue Reading →

Responsive Drupal websites- Know your advantages

Ecommerce sites have reached explosive levels of growth today and have risen to contribute to a great extent in business revenues. Almost everyone indulges in one form of business transaction or the other over online sites; virtual shopping experiences equaling… Continue Reading →

Genesis 2.0 is mobile friendly- Include responsive videos with ease.

Website design/development has indeed come of age with the concept of responsive design. Content images videos can all be dynamically resized so as to suit a responsive design with not much of requirement in the basic structure; Videos however present… Continue Reading →

Joomla and responsive web design- A winning combination for your website

Mobile devices are undoubtedly one of the major means to access the net today; Businesses certainly cannot oversee building sites that work on such devices to promote their products and services. The waves of change in internet technologies has brought… Continue Reading →

Responsive design with HTML5/CSS3 work best for your business- Top reasons why.

The Internet offers tremendous scope for growth of businesses; it has come to play a crucial role in enhancing revenue through its ability to reach out to bigger base of target customers. Now as we talk about internet being accessible… Continue Reading →

Mobile technology is the future- Responsive design and mobile application development

Growth of mobile phone and other internet based devices- Smart mobile devices have become a necessity for an average person; your target customer is constantly on the move and whether they have a mobile device or a tablet they expect… Continue Reading →

Conversion Optimization Tips to Help Your Website Do Better

You are happy and holding your head high among your peers in the industry; after all, your shining new business website is up and running on the internet in all its glory. You expect it bring laurels to your brand… Continue Reading →

Conversion into Responsive email template- Give that edge to your Business communication.

The advent of smart phones and other internet related mobile devices not only means users access business websites based on recommendations and social apps on the go, but also email; the most preferred mode of communication in the world of… Continue Reading →

Use Magento Responsive Themes –Ecommerce websites are the future!

Magento basically is an open-source platform, a fast growing ecommerce script which uses database back-ends like Zend PHP and MySQL. Magento owes it popularity to its flexibility through its modular architecture; its complete scalability aspect and the range of control… Continue Reading →

Responsive websites- learn more about Bootstrap and flat UI (User interface).

Flat UI design is increasingly being deployed in redesigning as well as to build new websites; the trend is growing across websites / designing applications for mobiles alike. Before we discuss Flat UI further, consider the following. Now can a… Continue Reading →

How drupal 8 will differ from other versions

Drupal, one of the most popular CMS is coming out with their latest version, Drupal8. Though the company does not reveal the details about all the features and advantages of the latest version, there are some rumors and guessing going… Continue Reading →

All about Responsive Web Design

What is responsive web design The term responsive web design is going around in the world of websites for quite some time. Many people are not fully aware about this new concept in web designing. A responsive web design is… Continue Reading →

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