It was always interesting to work with companies that always look for changes. A change always helps to activate and motivate the team members and the changes recently brought into XHTML Champs will certainly achieve the goal. This is my 6th year with XHTML Champs and it gave me a chance to witness several changes brought into the company. The latest one has come up with an all over change in the appearance and contents of our website .

XHTML Champs, which achieved one of the top positions in the global market of PSD conversions entered into other areas of web technology too. After conquering the areas of CMS implementation and e-commerce integration we have stepped into mobile apps, digital marketing and web designing too. We have stepped into these new areas after attaining enough resource and technology and hence we are very much confident about getting succeeded here too. As a message to the world that we are hugging new technologies, we have planned to make our site a showcase of our expertise and talent.

Entire website has been designed by our in-house designers. As they are very much aware about the concept, designing was not a big task for them. Though they made it attractive and meaningful, the most important feature is the change brought in our all time mascot ‘ant’. They changed the color of ant to orange, the color of lady luck and clad it with blue coat. Blue represents the sky and the sea, or in other words it represents the in depth knowledge and the high ethics we keep in our business dealings. Secondly, they could convince about the positive changes happened in XHTML Champs with the home page itself. The moving slides say that we are ready to meet any challenge. It is very true as we are covering all the areas of web technology now. Then we stress about our expertise in the new generation web designing, Responsive Web Design. We are trying to remind the visitors about our power and ability in PSD conversion with the third slide and then clearly point out that the deep knowledge of all CMS helps us to do our work perfectly and easily.

When we are the masters, we thought it is our duty to pass on information about the subject to the visitors. We have designed our contents in such a way that each page will provide you valuable information about the subject and our company.

Yet another positive change in XHTML Champs now motivates all of us and its reflections are already there in the work of our team.