Brush up of your basics- what are PHP frameworks and why do you need them?

Now it is a known fact that PHP or Personal home page is the most popular scripting language that powers web applications; it is known for its flexibility, ease-of-use as well as extensibility to embrace changes in technology and the resultant changes on websites. Now there are a set of codes assigned to each functionality in PHP and this most often can get monotonous and repetitive.  PHP frameworks are those structured set of codes that help in streamlining development of web applications by setting up a grid or a skeletal foundation over which these applications can be built. This is, in short, is called Rapid application development or RAD. The result is focused on increasing productivity of developers by reduction of repetitive coding thus building more stable applications.

PHP frameworks are based on a feature called the Model View Controller (MVC) or that logic or pattern in overall programming which separates business logic from the UI, making way for modification of one independent of the other. In other words, MVC simplifies the process of developing application changes in the individual elements does not affect the rest of the elements thus accelerating the process of PHP coding and increasing its efficiency.

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In short PHP frameworks –

1)      Frameworks are of great use right from veterans to beginners in coding- helps in building more stable apps with effective database interaction and codes on the presentation layer.

2)       There is more time which can be spared to create the actual web application, as against spending time in writing repetitive codes over and over again.

3)      These frameworks help meet tight deadlines, which is a key objective in the delivery of conversion projects.  Another instance which warrants use of PHP frameworks is when there are projects taken up which involves a lot of monotonous coding, thus executing the projects becomes less monotonous.

Make a wise choice of a PHP framework- Consider the benefits of Codeignitor.

Now PHP is such a versatile application that it even allows you to create your own framework when you need one, over and above the ones that are already available. However, while you set out on the mission to discovering the right PHP framework that is suited for your needs. Keep in mind the following points-

  • Who will be a user of your application on the whole? Greater the number of people who use the application better to opt for a popular framework among developers.
  • For smaller and more personal web applications, it will be wiser to choose a web application which you are more comfortable with.
  • Remember to try out several PHP frameworks in the beginning so as to land the one which suits your needs the best.


Most popular PHP frameworks include Zend , Cakephp and symphony among a variety of others. Now Codeigniter is comparatively new and it is slowly eating away into the share of its more popular counterparts Zend and Cake. Codeignitor has renewed focus on the development of projects faster by means of a feature rich set of libraries for more common tasks such as a simple interface or structures required to access this kit. CodeIgniter is an extremely simple Web Application Development Framework for those developers who look at building web sites using PHP; you may now focus on creativity on your project by reducing the amount of actual code needed for a given task.

CodeIgniter will just about fit your bill if you need the following –

  • A framework with the least virtual footprint and low configuration required.
  • Improved performance along with a broad compatibility with most standard hosting accounts that can run multiple PHP versions and configurations.
  • Reduction in coding rules without any compromise on functionality of the program
  • No necessity to really learn a templating language so as to work on this framework ( however a template parser is optionally available in the event of needing one)
  •  You are particular about clear and specific documentation of projects.

You may want to read a lot more on this wonder framework at

Your choice of a framework will drive the performance of your application, be sure to choose a wise one!