The very purpose of setting up a website is to present business products and services in the virtual arena or so it begins with that. With manifold increase in the presence of new websites on the web, there arises a need for websites to establish themselves as an effective marketing tool. While an extremely well designed website will drive the shaping and delivery of a strong brand image, how far it really goes into the actual aspect of marketing goods/services lingers as a question. Thus the need to weave in the aspect of marketing while you design the website becomes imperative for the process of active conversion.

When does conversion rate step in?
In an ideal scenario; the process of conversion will begin at the stage of designing the website; fundamentally design is a system of visual presentation/ display of content in the website. It determines the overall appearance of a website and aims at establishing the virtual identity of the business. Given advancements in internet technology today, website design takes precedence over all marketing attempts that businesses undertake to stay ahead of competition.

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Tips for an ideal website design-

  • Make it user-friendly-
    This may sound completely cliche but web designers today completely let their imagination grow wings and wind up with complex/stylish designs to make an impression most often compromising on the interest of the user. Keep your design simple, most importantly browser friendly and keep it “accessible” in its truest sense.
  • The physical appearance follows-
    The color scheme used in your website, font size of the text the images used, buttons or links? Every little physical attribute will play a major role in influencing /holding the attention of the average visitor. Avoid being extensively fancy, highlight buttons, they would be more usable than links. Keep your content clear concise and factual.
  • Focus on your product and all that can possibly related to it-
    a) Your efforts should be directed at showcasing the product/service highlighting all the relevant attributes required; it still remains intangible to a prospective customer. Any additional information would go a long way in helping the customer arrive at a decision.
    b) Use multiple preferably 3 D images of the product you wish to sell
    c) State stock availability/ discount offers without any ambiguity whatsoever.
    d) Returns/shipping terms and conditions also play an important role.
    e) Last but never the least ensure that payment gateways with multiple payment options are in place. You do not want to lose a customer after he/she has decide to commit to buy from your website!
    f) Live chat windows for clarifications also help you sell better.
  • Navigability of your website – 
    The attention span of an average visitor to your site is extremely limited given the number of options that are available for him on the internet. Given this hurdle you do not want to confuse the visitor as to where he would head next. Ensure that your website design incorporates clearly defined “next action” at each stage of navigation.
  • Social media and registration-
    Usually the most annoying factor from the point of view of a visitor would be having to register/sign in each time he decides to use the website. Given the popularity of the various social networking websites today choose to ease up his task!
  • Work with strategy – Include SEO texts in your website.
    The provision of call to action text on your landing page prompts visitors as to what they would need to do once they reach your website; on a subconscious level. These SEO-texts contribute to more effective promotion of websites in the SERPS.
  • Remember to include clear cut privacy terms in your website-
    The internet is a huge forum with no bounds, and so are websites that function on it. So normally users would hesitate to part with any kind of personal details, providing clear cut information on the requirement of such information and what would be done with it provides some form of re-assurance against misuse of data.
  • Remember to keep track of visitors/ Make way for feedback as well.
    Somewhere an earnest feedback form provided in the website instills a sense of importance in the mind of a visitor. It is a tool that works two ways, while the visitor feels heartened to put forth his views, it provides you details which you may want to use for follow up as well.

Review your website design on a periodic basis; test it at regular intervals while making room for any changes in businesses/technology.