As online forums are an online destination used to meet, share ideas and ask questions to people who have a shared interests, their very nature provides for access to communities of people interested in something very specific. Online Internet forums or message boards are basically discussion sites which “hold” conversations/discussion by way of posting messages on a given topic or a “thread”. Mostly these posts are approved by an assigned moderator before they are available for display on the discussion board; this will depend on the access level of the user as well. A discussion forum can contain a number of sub forums which may have several topics. Now each forum may have its own unique setting/condition depending on which users choose to be anonymous or may require to register and then subsequently log in each time so as to post a message. You may not require to log in to read posts on forums however.

Concept of forum marketing? What is V-bulletin?

Forum marketing is emerging to be a sought after marketing tool to strengthen the online presence of your business. It is safe to assume that almost all forum participants are generally net savvy and would not hesitate in indulging in online buying!  By and large the profile of this virtual community would be that ones that are informed and focused on specific topics. The ideal strategy in forum marketing would be an indirect means to talk about a new product/service; begin with an objective response wait and observe reactions and slowly initiate introduction of the product you wish to launch.

VBulletin is basically a professional, affordable community forum software solution; which almost gives you an instant community which allows complete participation and interaction of visitors in your forum. It is professionally created PHP based forum software with a database of mySQL. Vbulletin will however to be necessarily need to be purchased and installed.

Why do you need to convert from PSD to V-Bulletin? Advantages.

Now it is a known fact that a web portal (in this context an online forum) can take off only by initiating the process of a successful format conversion (PSD files are not web friendly and hence cannot be independently used to establish a website) Now these files need to get converted into feature rich (W3C valid, SEO optimized, cross-browser compatible and light weight) vBulletin themes or templates as per requirements. This process plays a very crucial role in rendering the right functions of a powerful CMS on your online portal by making use of V-bulletin. The following are the advantages of v bulletin-

  • This forum software is enhanced with value-added features such as polls, photo albums, and single member log-on facility with still an integrated and overall experience, calendar options, unified permission system, detailed moderator control panel, extensible user profiles, and many more.
  • Just about basic knowledge of vBulletin can easily allow integration of design in pixel-precise theme/ templates provided by vBulletin.
  • VBulletin theme integration offers a web portal backed with sophisticated functionalities such as article-based CMS publishing, admin control panel news manager, localization of interface, customized META keyword/description tags, standards compliance, customer forum support etc.
  • Conversion from PSD to V bulletin brings extends functionality of your forum into real time integration with social networking websites.
  • V bulletin comes with outstanding moderation functions, strong security features and an extensible API system. All of which work completely at an advantage to your business!
  • Your forum is ready for mobile optimized viewing  with streamlined photos and videos. allowing content generation wherever needed.
  • Your forum is extremely easy to install and is up less than fifteen minutes with streamlined edit features as well as built in SEO features. What more can you really ask for?

Forums are touted to be an extremely effective platform for communicating as well as effectively marketing your product/service strategically.