Websites that just project a synopsis of businesses online are passé. Your business website expected to project as large an image of your business as it actually is; such that a site visitor obtains just about all information of your enterprise the moment he lands on your web page. It is now but imperative to have comprehensive website replete with all features possibly including an interactive element such as a blog that is being made available. Now the question extends to as a site-owner- your ability and availability to exercise complete control over the website and if you pocess the right developer skills so required?

Modx and your website-

Now all this being said, conversion from PSD to Modx for your website entitles you to work on all these aspects above thus paving way development of a powerful website. MODX as a CMS lets your website experience the future of content management with the simultaneous focus on SEO (search engine optimization as well); it works way beyond a regular blogging tool with detailing in overall features and interface. Customization is a key area which allows your coding skills to take MODX to levels you so require otherwise you still may simply stick to MODX’s own tweaking tools. This CMS comes with an exhaustive repository of add-ons, a sufficient number of third party developers for templates /themes; additionally features such as custom hosting solutions thus working on providing your website a much edge over the competition. It is important to note at this juncture that many CMS systems cut a part of the HTML code you enter and limit your skills to using a basic WYSIWYG editor for the codes. However, with MODx the code can be typed out and it will be displayed exactly the way you so desire.

Modx Evolution VS Revolution-

MODx has basically come about with two major release version the first one being MODx Evolution, the solid original code base which came out as its first production/stable release version 0.9.0 in October 2005. MODx Revolution on the other hand came is an object oriented new branch that was in development for more than 2 years; it addressed limitations found in the original code base broadly. Modx evolution came out with a larger base of Add-ons which provide pre-built functionality and is well optimized to perform well on multiple websites. MODX Revolution on the other hand was created over a three year period with its first public release in 2010. The purpose of the efforts directed towards Modx revolution was to address the needs of larger websites, and to bring out a more scalable, configurable and feature-rich framework.MODX Evolution laid the foundation and has been empowering developers and enthusiasts to build websites in line with their requirements since the year 2005.
conversion psd to modx

Let us first look at some common ground before we analyze distinguishing features-

  • Complete creative freedom-Both versions of Modx help create simply robust sites, on the lines of exactly how you want them to look, with almost zero creative restrictions.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Allows you to exercise complete control on the output obtained with practically no other effort, with MODX you work with HTML and with as many custom variables for the site so may so require. In minutes you may build a site that performs amazingly well in Search Engines making tweaks is just a few clicks away. Both Modx evolution and revolution actively support SEO.
  • Safe & Secure -MODX takes security seriously. The team constants work on rigorously/ continuously on audits and feedback received such that there is up to date content and provision of regular patches on issues that may arise.
  • While there are hundreds of Add-ons available in MODX Evolution as well as in the Revolution versions. Add-ons administrators for installation, up gradation and migration of content, templates; Add-ons being made available for even complete websites without any concern on dependencies or missing steps. All this from just a simple interface inside the MODX Manager that pulls remotely from your MODX website.

Where does Revolution differ?

MODX Evolution could be a lot faster for smaller sites, MODX Revolution was built to scale larger, multi-server environments and proceeds to include features such as customizable caching, multiple database support etc (MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server).Further MODX Revolution natively extends support to multiple websites with secure configurations on most files stored outside of the very web root. While both versions support Resources (web pages) and Weblinks (redirecting links to other pages on the internet), MODX Revolution steps ahead and includes Static Resources (static files on the given file system), Symlinks (links to other pages which helps maintain position in dynamic menus) and the ability to create custom resources /media Sources that stores files literally anywhere accessible via an API.

Modx Revolution comes with a host of other advanced features; it builds on aspects already offered and being made available by Modx evolution- make your choice based on what your specific demands of your business on your website!