You are happy and holding your head high among your peers in the industry; after all, your shining new business website is up and running on the internet in all its glory. You expect it bring laurels to your brand image and bring about increase in revenue with its new found popularity in the virtual world! As days slip into months, you begin noticing a slip in the number of visitors to your website, you panic begin searching for solutions to help your website perform better, what is the way out?

First things first ; look back once again at what your customers want, at what point have they decided to go away from your website and what you can really do to make up for those shortfalls. You may want to work on the website experience, bringing about a marked change in their behavior on your website. The next step to inch forward lies in improving your site’s conversion rate. Conversion rate in this context is basically a measure of the number of potential customers that goes on to buy from the website; the percentage of visitors that actually buy from you. However many websites focus solely on increasing the number of visitors they have, when in most cases make small changes to the layout of the website would have a huge positive effect on their conversion rate and enhance the performance of the website.

SEO and Conversion optimization go hand in hand-

Conversion optimization refers to the process of revamping your website so that it brings about an increase in actual buyers from the website. The act would be an amalgamation of your changed processes /messages and the website design so that it increases the overall appeal and popularity of your website. However without an adequate conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategy, all your SEO efforts wind up being futile. All this being said it is important to remember that mere traffic in terms of number of visitors to your site does not necessarily amount to conversions; it is the first step agreed! SEO drives traffic to the site; conversion optimization takes over here on by way of extending support to site performance by increasing sales, click-through rates and other defined goals for your business.

Here are some points you may find useful­-

  • Keep your messages clear and concise and ensure it sticks to relevance of your business proposition. A cluttered website will deter the site visitor who begins navigating haywire without focus.
  • Assess your expectation of visitors to your site; Ensure that people always have a clearly chalked out route using which they can fulfill specific goals –by and large these would enquires or purchases.
  • Facilitate easy overall navigation of the site- Lengthy processes increases chances of people dropping out at any given stage; ensure information is  provided effortlessly in terms of access.
  • Visual cues make a huge difference to your website! Colors on banners, small animations, and small text boxes can be added to add attraction to your website. You may also want to run tests on a series of relatively small adjustments just made to your site to assess changes made.
  • Before implementing any change, ensure that you track the changes made. You do not want to be left pondering in case anything misfires.
  • Wake up to the fact that today mobile devices are increasingly being used to browse the internet, especially for search of local businesses. Click to call buttons on mobile ad campaigns and your website would really prove to be a smart move. As against looking for a number to dial, visitors have to do is click your link for the call to get through. Responsive design is also another aspect you must consider implementing.
  • Get your site visitors to subscribe to your email list; you may begin want to luring them in slowly with a lot of offers in the offing! One time coupons and deals for new subscribers is not that high a price for an added customer to your business is it?
  • Text formatting is another aspect you may want to pay attention to; your website needs to have a clear headline which will attract visitors and keep them glued to your website! All aspects you will pay heed to while writing an ad campaign for your business will al so apply to your website!
  • Bring focus to the testimonial and review section of the website- Most visitors reach your business website post research and hence what is being said about your business on the web plays a role in influencing them. Trying to highlight customer testimonials / reviews from renowned sites (Yelp, Google+, Citysearch, etc.) can automatically enhance your marketing efforts.

Conversion optimization is certainly not rocket science; it is just about choosing to make those much needed tweaks to your website; maybe it is time that you paid periodic attention to your precious website!