PSD to Joomla: The advent of content management systems have yielded to the need of building dynamic websites for businesses to survive in competition. Implementation of the right content management system facilitates time to time updation of web-content; aspects of introducing say a new navigation button or a new section to your site which would generally involving rebuilding the entire navigation system.

PSD to Joomla Conversion

PSD to Joomla conversion to secure a better website experience

Web masters and web developers can now access this fully functional open source software by collaborating with their colleague and businesses. We all know that PSD or Photoshop enables developers to utilize images layer by layer, even after they have been saved. Few advantages of PSD to Joomla are-

  • It is highly responsive with high quality themes on Joomla.
  • Cross-platform and cross-browser compatibility.
  • High coding standards using CSS to deliver highest quality PSD to Joomla
  • User friendly CMS experience with easy to install and easy to use templates.
  • Latest version of Joomla for a better user experience.
  • Optimal loading time to ensure happy visitors.

PSD to Joomla conversion ensures that your website is W3C validated with high quality codes.

What are open source content management systems? What is Joomla!?

Open source software is that which are developed by a specific collaboration group with members of a similar stature and is released free for general use by web masters or website owners. This kind of software is usually free from a purchase cost as well as devoid of ongoing licensing fees normally associated with such commercially available software.

Joomla! is that open source content management system that is developed ,improved and updated by a skilled group of individuals volunteering their time to come together and help those who have availed of its services. Fundamentally the very source code of this software is available for everyone to examine and make alterations such that there is transparency on what is actually obtained as opposed to commercial high end software which is generally locked down with no visibility of details whatsoever. The greatest advantage of open source software is that developers will be in a position to create components and extensions to enhance functionality and operability of a website.

PSD to Joomla conversion:

The first version of Joomla! actually made its entry in the year 2005 post its split from the Mambo open-source community; it rakes in most of its claim in the middle ground between two of its biggest open-source competitors: the sophisticated as well as complex Drupal and the more simple and popular WordPress. Joomla! by and large offers usability almost on the lines of WordPress while also bringing forth a bit of Drupal’s dynamism and flexibility. Joomla! is extremely “extendable,” meaning that you are allowed to choose from thousands of Joomla extensions that can be deployed on your website for enhanced appearance, expanded power bringing about maximum results from your website. Overall, the Joomla extension system works on building enriched, robust websites quickly as well as with lesser involvement of costs.

Features of Joomla double up as its advantages too!

Joomla provides your website with a wide range of functionalities; whether it involves a simple website or a complex web application. The scope of Joomla web development can be extended to even create websites for educational institutions, medium to large commercial organizations, non-profit organizations to being incorporated in corporate web portals. The following are some of the major features of Joomla!-

Features of Joomla

  • The Joomla content online editor (CMS support) gives you the benefit of having to create content based on your requirement, without restrictions minus the knowledge of any markup language.
  • Joomla templates are extremely customization friendly; your website content can be easily adapted to changing business needs.
  • As we constantly mention all along Joomla is an extremely user friendly content management system; as well as extensible.
  • Joomla comes with different inbuilt templates and themes giving you the option of choosing a theme and template which will best suit your topic and niche. Irrespective of selecting or wanting to change the existing theme and template, both are just as easy with joomla!
  • Joomla! comes with htaccess.txt which offers the feature of url rewriting; gives your website its SEO advantage!
  • Joomla! facilitates ease of user management as well as extends focus on management of contacts with clients, which is crucial to any business.
  • It is easy to create surveys and polls right from the front-end, collect relevant data and analyze survey results online with this feature supported by Joomla! actively.
  • Websites and businesses have gone global today; Joomla provides your website with the wedge of multiple language support. There is certainly no capturing growth prospects at all, is there?
  • Joomla CMS is run by a vast community and thus an technical issues or maintenance activity to be rendered to your Joomla website can be addresses via a report and the same will be fixed in real time by the experienced community of developers of Joomla!
Choice of the right Content management system

The choice of the right Content management system makes or breaks your business website;Joomla aims creating websites that perform and deliver in a cost effective manner. Choose to convert from PSD to joomla! today and give your business website the Joomla! advantage!