Interaction in within businesses, with consumers and business has moved on to the virtual world. This paradigm has been welcomed in such a way that a hoard of information has been captured under innumerable links where you might find the answer to a simple single question – that is if you look really hard enough. Sadly what you really require is possibly a site that can easily be made visible as on that specializes in providing answers that are purely relevant to your business requirements. In reality this precious site drowns in a bottomless sea of websites that may remotely be connected to your search query.

Birth of forums –What they can do to your business-

The job of a well structured forum is to bring about the correct answer to a question searched for; it would be readily available even before it is asked. Forums are synonyms of discussion boards, message boards which just enable effective interaction across individuals or groups on a given sought after topic. They save information in an organized indexed manner which can evoke a sort of environment for discussion anytime; all the posts are thus noticed at some given point or the other. The key feature being that this kind of discussion warrants a genuine exchange of views and ideas since people are given time to research, consider their opinions before posting a reply. Consider the following step-by step progress the right forum fetches you-

  • Aim at educating the visitors that land on your site- Actively engages them.
  • Repeat visitors imply increased traffic to the website.
  • These visitors will certainly leave a trail of email addresses which help you capture them.
  • Your forum gains credibility slowly and steadily.
  • You thus build a relationship with the forum participants/visitors thus positively affecting your business.

Construct the right kind of forum- Conversion of PSD to VBulletin forum.

To begin with a successful and a dynamic online discussion forum you will have to begin with converting you PSD files into a chosen bulletin theme/ template. You kick off this process by beginning to slice these PSD files into multiple image files/layers. Now all that has been sliced gets coded into XHtml/ CSS markup files in a hand coded manner. Mark up codes function better if they are pixel-perfect, W3C valid, compatible across browsers, error-free, table-less and completely SEO semantic. These high quality (X)HTML/ CSS markup files are thereon integrated into the all powerful vBulletinthemes/ template to launch the forum successfully.

PSD to VBulletin

Why Vbulletin forums?

  • To begin with let us look at the purpose of a forum – Social benefit of the forum tool is that it provides an edge in terms of providing an active engaging social functionality.
  • It is compatible with XHTML- one of the most common and feature rich markup language used to create web pages.
  • Vbulletin forums provide the option of extensive personalization, Real-time interaction with site-visitors and effective utilization of social media tools such as being able to integrate themselves with Facebook,etc
  • V bulletin forums are Robust in structure- They provide excellent control over moderating the site, extend strong security over features and render world-class support over functioning of the forum.
  • V bulletin forums are engaging in nature; discovery of content on forums powered by VBulletin was never more exciting with photos and videos in complete synchronization with content.
  • These forums come with the feature of provided an enhanced and optimized mobile experience, thus pitching themselves for increased popularity!
  • These forums can be launched in as little as 15 minutes providing streamlined and easy edit features. Easy to customize templates and built in SEO features are icing to this piece of cake!
  • They allow you to track the number of user logins as well as offers the ability for a given user to start a poll online and track its progress.
  • Vbulletin forums are easily extendible with easy to install plugin facilities.