Given the thrust to sell products/services today the choice of the right shopping cart software determines the fate of business; in terms of the performance of the relevant e-commerce website. This being said, entrepreneurs are spoilt for choice today to choose the ideal shopping cart software which would work for their website; there can never be one universal e-commerce shopping cart software that fulfills the entire bill of stores owners! Let us consider some features of X-cart a popular open source shopping cart software.

What is X-cart? Why should I consider it?
As said earlier X-Cart is open source PHP shopping cart software which would ideally suit online business owners who are looking for a cost effective solution to set up their eCommerce store. On its own, X cart is free to download, fast enough and does not really require the support of a dedicated server. X-Cart as a software is template based with an open source code which allows you to modify the appearance / functionality of the shopping cart to suit any specific requirement. There is no clause mentioned with respect to the range/number of products that can be on display and the code is completely optimized for seamless performance for over 20 000 products. With enhanced server configuration / additional special hardware and apt software optimization, X-Cart can power websites with up to 500 000 products. Read along the following lines to consider conversion from PSD to X-cart –

psd to xcart

  • X-Cart is 100% PCI-DSS compatible for payments. The presence of this specific certified X-Payment software allows payments via credit cards right on your web-site. It is further integrated with a variety of popular gateways and shipping carriers as well.
  • X-Cart comes with a W3C-compliant storefront end, layout based on CSS with several professional e-commerce design templates for easy customization.
  • X-Cart codes are search engine friendly; customers can add meta-tags define custom titles, mention URLs for products and relevant category pages; this automatically increases the popularity of the webs store.
  • Installing X-Cart does not really require great programming skills /knowledge; it has smarty template engine and an extremely simple PHP code. You may be rest assured that your business will pocess a unique storefront design with custom-made functionalities (x-cart modules) to strengthen your online presence.
  • X cart is powered with marketing tools such as coupons, banners and much more options.
  • X cart powered e commerce sites are mobile ready! Your online store is completely future proof and simply opens up to changes in internet technologies!
  • Some guidelines before you proceed to begin with X Cart installation-
  • Xcart is a shopping cart application which is dependent on PHP4/PHP5 and MySQL by and large. Smarty Web templates systems are a complimentary open source template program created in PHP; these smarty templates allow proprietors to obtain access over customization of look and design.
  • If X-Cart employs transaction portal /hosting expert services via internet merchants which needs to be PCI/CISP compliant, they must get PCI/CISP certified status by themselves because x cart by itself is not licensed so.
  • Without any major code modifications X-Cart can present a completely different model to website generously endowed with a lot of features. Further it also permits designers to alter the ecommerce store skin thus elevating the website to a different league. So make the choice of an experienced X-Cart developer to benefit most from this feature.
  • X-Cart developers are usually expected to stick to the guidelines, as said on the next paragraphs for the said outcome in websites; Create websites such that the color schemes pattern of products on display are completely in line with the nature of product you are actually selling and your overall organizational objective.
  • The crux of this issue thus would be being able to analyze the capabilities of the X-Cart designer and your willingness to be able spend on the right one. It would not probably be that they are not skilled enough; certainly there is a role to play on verifying their genuineness in giving the right X-Cart development service.
  • For further technical information on how to exactly go about installing X Cart for your online store, you may read up the following links-

Features of this X-Cart shopping cart solution are regularly updated as the software itself evolves; and you would be provided access to those new versions automatically as long that the license is held. X-Cart also provides free security patches periodically without cost; it is as reliable as a shopping cart can really get!