Now it is a well known fact that digital marketing is about promotion of products/ brands via a single or multiple forms of electronic media; it involves the use of avenues that allow a given organization to analyze marketing campaigns for their product/service and understand what actually will work! Digital marketers typically would be able to analyze what is being viewed; the duration of viewing, sales conversions obtained with a particular visit, the type of content that would appeal to a viewer etc. At this juncture let us pause and remember the emergence of content as a crucial aspect to digital marketing. We will talk about the role played by word press as an effective tool in content management in this context later on.

While digital marketing encompasses channels such wireless text messaging, mobile instant messaging, mobile apps, podcasts, electronic billboards etc; Internet remains to be most close in proximity to this technique. Given the numerous distractions available in the internet, the key to a successful marketing strategy would involve smart thinking and keeping complete track of evolving technologies will hand in the key to successfully market your client’s product!

The role of content in digital marketing- benefits of word press.

Content influences the fate of the digital marketing strategy largely with a slew of small/medium businesses adopting integrated content marketing strategies so as effectively engage with customers and business prospects alike.


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Blogs or web logs have grown to be one of the most important tools to propagate information, share ideas / opinions on a particular subject on the internet. These are a comprehensive representation of the person sharing the information and the business in the social media in the virtual space. Word press is a popular, free to download content management tool which helps you host your blog on the web, in simple terms. WordPress has evolved to include various plug-ins, widgets and themes so as to enhance its application and functionality.  Ahead WordPress also has built-in capabilities to create link directories or group together special content for workshops, specific summit agendas, or any type of focus you may want to draw attention to.  The following are the benefits of conversion from PSD to word press

  • WordPress is extremely user friendly that comes with an intuitive interface.- Marketing strategies cannot remain static, it is but inevitable to add new pages, blog posts, images, etc from time to time.  Word-press is extremely simple and offers complete ease of use; you can direct your efforts at the strategy itself as against the technology that carries this out!
  • Your website can be managed from just about any computer, because this content management tool is browser based and all it requires is the just internet connectivity. One more feature that proves to be an advantage for digital marketers!
  • WordPress is completely a self-contained system and does not require any HTML editing software (such as Adobe Contribute or Dreamweaver) whatsoever. You may create a new page/ blog post, edit and remove texts, upload images as well as edit them upload documents/ video files, without any requirement of additional HTML / FTP software.
  • Search Engines favor word press sites-Now this is your direct advantage as a digital marketer, your job begins with targeting search engines does it not? Word Press     codes are clean and simple which makes it easy for search engines to read and index a site’s content accordingly. Further each page, post, and image has its own Meta tag keywords, description/ title, and optimized for specific keywords, allowing precise search engine optimization.
  • You have complete control of your site yourself as a marketer and it largely reduces your dependence on external technical assistance.
  •  Word Press acts as the engine for your website bringing about 100% customization options for your branding strategy; the brand can stand out providing a unique experience to your client.
  • Blogging capabilities are built-in and are also easy to integrate if need be. Further having to set up RSS / email subscriptions to your blog, commenting capabilities, and automatic updating of recent blog posts to other pages of the site (your home page, for example) can be easily set-up thus extending  the reach of your strategy for the product .

To re iterate the content development process as such needs to be flexible and agile as a core element of digital marketing; with changes and tweaking information being a constant feature of this process. Word press is the most flexible of solutions to address this phenomenon. Conversion from PSD to wordpress brings about the best of your digital marketing strategy, it is undisputable.