psd-to-drupal-conversion-servicesDrupal, one of the most popular CMS is coming out with their latest version, Drupal8. Though the company does not reveal the details about all the features and advantages of the latest version, there are some rumors and guessing going around in the Drupal communities about the latest version. They all are sure that with this version the life of a web developer will be easier. They believe that this version will have more features than the confirmed ones such as more mobile compatibility and content authoring.

Content Authoring is a new feature which has been provided by the experts at Drupal to assist the real users, the people who visit the site. With this facility, they can save a draft of the content published in the website. However, this version is giving more preference to the mobile compatibility.

Use of mobile devices for browsing is on increase and inn another four or five years, majority of the browsers will be using mobile devices for browsing. In such a situation, mobile compatibility is essential for all websites. Keeping this future requirements in mind, Drupal came up with many features that will help to make the websites more mobile friendly.

Responsive themes

Responsive web design has become the new generation web design and it will become inevitable in the near future. Keeping this fact in mind, Drupal is introducing many responsive themes which will make the job of a developer easier.

Mobile Friendly Admin Tools

Most of the default admin tools are designed for desktop and laptop and are not working properly on tiny devices. Drupal8 has come up with a solution for it. Mobile friendly admin tools will help the browsers who are using such tiny devices.

Front end performance

Though the back end performance has a lot to decide the quality of the website, it is the front end performance that plays the important role in making it popular. Mobile devices have lower bandwidth and less powerful processors. In order to generate quick response, front end should be taken care. Drupal8 has gone a long way in this direction.

Though these are some of the new feature offered in Drupal8, developers are expecting more features which will make Drupal sites user-friendly and at the same time developer-friendly too. At a time when the significance of websites is increasing, all CMS people are coming up with new versions which will have more features. This tight competition among them is really helping the developers and webmasters. New features coming up with each up-gradation of CMS will make the website more user-friendly and thus visitors are also happy with the latest revisions of CMS.