Establishing a successful selling site is an uphill task indeed, with online stores mushrooming all over the internet as the most preferred concept defined in e-commerce as an industry. It s success begins with your choice of a content management system as well as the shopping cart software you choose to deploy on your website. Now this will revolve around the type of business as well as the target customers you wish to drive to your site. To set up an online store, there are numerous integrated tools that are available in the virtual market; Let us consider the most popular eCommerce tool of them all –Shopify.


What is shopify?
Shopify is a one stop shop turnkey e-commerce solution that will provide you everything you will need to setup and start selling your product/service (s) in the virtual world as against you fumbling and failing in trying to pool in modules and setting it up yourself. Shopify is basically based on WordPress which is simple, provides with an interactive and intuitive UI or a use interface. It comes with a drag-and-drop interface which allows users to make visual changes with ease. For businesses that have their mainstream focus on just selling online, Shopify can also step up and act as a corporate frontend while you focus on setting up an eCommerce site at the earliest.

Conversion to shopify does not warrant a lot of coding knowledge and you can have your store up and running on the web in no time at all. Easy to use templates available with shopify allow you the option to customize your store without the hassle of writing lengthy codes.

Benefits of shopify-

  • Shopify is really easy to use and install; does not requires the expertise of a designer to just set up and get started.
  • Migrating your store from other platforms, or even having to upload products from a normal CSV file is a cake walk!
  • Shopify powered sites do not require assistance of a third party for hosting.
  • Availability of free themes with also a store from where you can buy premium themes. Most themes are pretty pristine and require almost no customization initially. However if you are looking at enhanced features, you can hire a designer who can work on original designs.
  • Shopify is an extremely secure solution to your e-store ; keep all your worries on hackers, cache-issues, compliance, and all the other hazards that come with hosting an online store at bay!
  • SEO friendly codes are created by Shopify – Custom Title tags, Meta descriptions collection related aspects, and essentials like Webmaster Tools, sitemaps etc are allowed in shopify.
  • Shopify sites load in a jiffy! Integrates extremely well with payment providers, allows addition and deletion of products with ease. It is loaded with all the features and still the load-time remains unaffected.
  • Strong customer support is extended by shopify – Your focus may safely be directed towards running your online store; Shopify is always out there having you back!

Let us consider the flip-side of shopify as well,

Some disadvantages-

  • Transaction fees along with PayPal fees and Shopify’s actual monthly subscription sum up to a hefty sum which leaves a gaping hole in your pocket!
  • Shopify does not offer too many free themes; rest of the selection in themes are charged which adds to your expenses.
  • The admin panel is not as user friendly, an optional guided tutorial would make a world of difference to marketers who are just about beginning to explore shopify.
  • Content marketing as a concept is gaining momentum as a marketing medium for ecommerce
  • Shopifys blogging platform is unfortunately not as competent as it can be in this direction.


  • To sort of sum up – Shopify would a great fit if you can tick off the following points-
  • Are you looking to grow and add products and do you have a wee-bit of technical know-how?
  • Are you in a tearing hurry to set up an online store right away and cannot wait out the meticulous development/ design phase?
  • Do you have a small to medium sized business with a regular product range, and really don’t care about stand-out themes?
  • Are you more driven towards the service you obtain for the cost you pay? Do high costs bother you?