Any web site may consist of numerous pages and provide varied information to the customers. Designing these web pages to appear elegant, attractive and beautifying them by applying good themes, colors and making them user friendly is what Web- designing is all about in simple terms. It is obviously very user centered and multidisciplinary actions that include involvement from latest technologies, content, and visual arts as well.

Web designing is the process of conceptualizing, planning and building pages for websites while determining the layout, color, structure, font styles, graphics, images and incorporating interactive features to web pages. A good web design will create an awesome picture of your business.
UI and UX of web designing

The user understanding of the content in the website largely depends on the user understanding of the website works. The job of the UI and UX designers becomes imperative to design and develop a website which not only provides a great look and feel but also enhances the site visitor’s experience.

What are UI and UX?

Abbreviated as UID, a good user interface design starts with an understanding the user, how and why they would use the designed web pages and how they might interact with the web site. The ultimate end of any user interface is more end – to- end satisfaction of the people who would use it.

While UID is all about User Interface, UXD (an acronym for User Experience Design) is all about user’s experience with the design and the benefits from the design. The term User Experience is widely used but it is understood in various ways: User experience could range from psychological experience to a business perspective and from quality centric to value centric. It is often used as a synonym for usability, customer effect, website appeal, ‘awesome’ effect or a general experience.

Important task of UI and UX developer

The UI developers who are also known as Web designers are concerned with the visual presentation of the website. They work towards how a particular product is laid out and an overall look of the website. UI Developers focus on the way the functionality is displayed and the fine detail of how users interact with the interface. They produce visually comprehensive layouts and functioning front-end code maintaining clarity, consistency in the images and defining the behavior of various elements of a web site falls under the purview of the UI designer. The goal of every UI designer is to make user interaction simple, effective and efficient as far as possible. A UI designer works towards balancing technical functionality and visual elements; in other words, the interface that they design must not be operational but also usable and adaptable to changing user needs.

While the UI developers are responsible for the visual aspects of the website, the UX designer’s responsibility is to ensure that the navigation and functionality of the web pages have a smooth transition giving the user a good experience without disrupting their activities. UX Designers combine their research and design skills together to understand the user needs and produce concepts/solutions/designs that people want to use. A UX designer must focus on user engagement with the website.

Difference between UI and UX designers

Both the elements though aimed at the common goal of user satisfaction they vary in their nature and scope. While the UI designer’s focus is on the elements that allow the user to interact with the interface, UX designer’s focus is on the user satisfaction by improving usability, ease of use and a better interaction between the user and the web page.

In summation, a beautiful, functional and a data -driven website is the product of combined efforts of both the both UI developers and UX designers.