Word-press was basically introduced as an extremely user friendly and innovative form of a CMS (Content management system) platform. It just requires is just a copy paste of text from a word document into a word press site to make the website up and running. If you have just set up shop, you may probably jump at choosing a word press site merely for its simplicity and uncomplicated functionality. But your business grows and soon you find the need to raise the bar on your website. This is where drupal steps in. Migration into drupal from word press would now have to be your calling. Now drupal is more developer friendly and an exhaustive platform in CMS. While it requires expertise and an experienced hand to operate, it may just be the solution to take your website along with your expanding business. How do you exactly migrate content from word press to drupal? The following lists down steps for the same

1) Create your WXR word press export file from your word press site (word press migrate module). Logon to your word press administrative panel and choose the option export. On the form that opens up subsequently select the files that need to be exported (Classified according into pages or posts), now click the export file button. The WXR file may either be manually exported or you may provide the address and other credentials for module to log into your account and export the files automatically. We have now finished the step of specifying the import source.

2) You will now need to control the import settings. In the form that pops up now , you make several choices according to how you

want to import your content Wordpress to drupal migration

Convert Word Press pages/posts to – Make a choice on how you want the content to be imported.

Field for attachments Once you make a choice of receiving blog posts that has file fields then those must be mentioned here. Upon selecting a file field then any word Press attachment associated with the given blog post will have their respective Drupal images associated with it. You may also avoid it as the case maybe.

Field for Blubrry Power Press podcasts – Likewise in this option choice of a file field will cause it to be populated with any Blubrry Power Press podcasts associated with the Word Press blog post. If you want to use the Blubrry power press plugin to manage podcasts in Word Press, you may accordingly have them assigned to a file field on your posts.

Default format for text fields – Here you can select the text format that will be used for the content. In case, after importing you are not happy with the formatting, it may mean that the format you chose here does not permit all the HTML tags that were present in the original Word Press post. You can also select a different text format for comment bodies.

Wordpress to drupal migration

Convert word press tags/categories to the vocabulary – word press supports two kinds of taxonomy vocabularies – tags and categories. You may make a choice here or ignore it. Path alias handling and Generate redirects – At this stage you can easily ensure that during the migration user bookmarks and search engines doe not lose track of the content accessed all along. As we proceed to the next option remember the following points-

  • One option is simply to use the same paths in Drupal as you did earlier, under Path alias handling, choose Set path aliases to their original word press value.
  • On the other hand, if you would like to change options under Drupal, you can use Pathauto along with Redirect.
  • Set your alias handling to “Have pathauto”, you can now generate new aliases as per the patterns defined.
  • With redirect generated, you can set up 301 redirects from your old addressed to your new Drupal addresses (this cannot be used with the Set path aliases to their original word press values setting). This means that, although the addresses are different on the Drupal site, anyone (including search engines) who want to access the old word press content will automatically be directed to the new addresses, and will be told to update their bookmarks or search engine data to reflect the new address.

3) Performing the import and imported blogs – Once the above steps are complete, click Import word press blog – the import will run in your browser, bringing you to the imported blogs tab. This summarizes the number of word press blogs have been migrated into the drupal site with all details. If at all you wish to undo all thus accomplished so far for whatever reasons, you may choose “remove imported content” and click “update”. To complete the process of migration into drupal choose option “Remove migration bookkeeping” and “update” which will remove the tracking data without touching the content thus imported.

Migration into drupal makes your website connect easily with other websites in an easier and effective manner, given its attributes. It gives your business a wider audience and enhances its growth.

Wordpress to drupal migration