PSD to Prestashop CoversionEcommerce has indeed taken the market by storm today. Selling of goods by businesses across other businesses and consumers through an electronic medium maybe termed as e-commerce in simple terms. The whole e-commerce transaction is however solely completed over the internet; with the inclusion of electronic transfer of money. Exhaustive websites form the foundation of this business. It is therefore imperative that the websites thus used are built in the most sophisticated but user-friendly manner. Prestashop is once such open-source tool used to design shopping cart sites for e-commerce; the application continuously evolves given the dynamic nature of online transactions. It is a widely used solution for all small and medium sized enterprises to build online stores for better business prospects.

Choose Prestashop for your business-

Consider few of the following features of Prestashop-There are lot more to list, but for now you will be able to get a fair idea of this “wonder” design solution.

  • The basic installation itself offers aspects like product catalogue, the relevant codes, stocks, shipping, orders, customers, newsletters and coupons.
  • Gift coupon and loyalty program options are also added on with the basic package.
  • Supports a lot of international languages and currency. It is thus able to widen your audience on the internet.
  • Built in security features that automatically protect your online store from hackers and viruses.
  • It has built in SEO-features which allows maximum visibility of the website.

Moving on technically, Prestashop is a PHP framework which is based on MySQL and Smarty Template Engine (This is nothing but a collection of files which allow creation of HTML templates and import them to ease the process of web page design).Prestashop 1.5 is a complete delight, customizing your existing online site or a fresh installation of it is a complete cake-walk. Let us look at the all new features this version has to offer.

1) Management of multiple stores- This feature allows any merchant to manage multiple stores from a single back-end office. This completely encompasses catalog management, sharing of orders and carts, uniformity of URL.

2) Back-office as well as the front end of the website is all new and improved- to facilitate the above change the back/front office comes with an all new graphic layout and design. Categories and product tree structure is improved and the homepage is reworked.

3) Automatic update-The single click module developed in this version allows the user to upgrade the current store with ease and efficiency. Database and file back-up is enabled automatically with the upgrade. In case of any mishap, there is also a possibility of roll back to the previous version ensuring no loss of data.

4) New Module API- this module enables easy management and updation of all existing modules and ensures that only the latest versions are up and running.

5) Advanced stock management and supply- To maximize efficiency Prestashop 1.5 includes an advanced stock management option that is able to distinguish between your available stock and that which is available. Inventory management is effectively accomplished by way of managing physical stock in various warehouses and then accordingly generate supply orders. Various interfaces thus help you have a clear overview on your inventory.

6) Central and integrated customer service-This feature aims at enhancing user satisfaction. The site owner will be able to assimilate all the messages from different sources orders, contact page etc in a single page.

7) Pricing- Mass discounts can be created for the customer’s cart, as per product purchase/ total amount etc. The user is allowed endless customization of the sale transaction, in all but a few clicks!

8) New Shop Installer- You are allowed to download just what you need, it gets as simple as that.

9) Management of downloadable products- This feature enables you to manage variations of products downloaded and also create package of multiple downloadable products.

10) Taxation and improved localization –this feature allows adaptability of various tax laws during the shop installation phase itself. It applied as per the country (where the site is designed) and local bodies and laws governing it.

The all new Prestashop is designed to accommodate just about any kind of online business. It is simply your one stop shop to take your online business to newer horizons.