When the number of websites has increased and the completion for high page ranking has become tough, the concept of a good website has changed a lot. An attractively designed template with relevant will not make a good website any more. Web programming too got significance in deciding whether a website is up to the mark or not. Web programmers are experts in different programming platforms and they can do wonders to satisfy the requirements of the client. However, three major programming platforms are gaining popularity nowadays due to their excellent resource, security and many other advantages. All these three platforms have their own advantages.

JAVA Programming

Java is a secure and multi threaded programming language with high level performance and distribution. It is dynamic and object oriented and portable too. JAVA applets are independent of platform and can be used in web development. Mobile applications developed using JAVA is multi device compatible and this considered as the most important feature in software development. There are two globally accepted distributed systems in JAVA, Enterprise JAVA Beans and Remote Method Invocation. There are many other JAVA architects such as Struts, CORBA, Hibernate and DAQ which support internationalization for enterprise application. After all JAVA is an open source programming language and any types of data can be used as per the requirement of the client.

Dot Net Programming

This programming language is mainly used for doing specific applications and being a consistent programming model it is considered the most secured programming language. Usually Dot Net programming codes and HTML exist in different files. The most important feature of Dot Net is an attribute called Serialization. It allows publishing a matter in the form of a series of information bits. It is independent of any language and debugging is an effortless thing while using Dot Net Programming. Bugs can be fixed fast. Besides, MS technology offers Rapid Application Development which helps to complete the projects faster.

PHP Programming

This is the widely accepted programming language by most of the professionals engaged in web programming. It is a server side programming language. PHP Syntax has many similarities with C and C++ Syntax, so a PHP developer can use those also in the work very easily. It runs on both Windows and UNIX and the most popular online data base My-SQL is supported by PHP. Actually a perfect combination of PHP and My-SQL can make wonderful websites for small organizations. It can be used with different data management systems and it runs of different servers too and also has the most powerful  output buffering technique.