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25th Apr 2015 Hyderabad, India – According to the spreading needs towards mobile, a website must be designed as a mobile-friendly. The latest trend of web designing includes the techniques for creating a site that is compatible with all devices other than a computer. Implementation of business through websites is growing up widely, and making them available across all types of platforms has become a necessary option.

Responsive web design

  • For reaching the customer with a friendly approach that is available on their mobile phones, redesign your website to ‘mobile friendly’ and rank higher on Smartphone to manipulate the business very effectively.
  • The website must have all the advanced resources created with content management system.
  • The business website must be responsive to the end-user operation from either a mobile or computer. A responsive website must have user-interface and user-experience features included with benefits of its contents.
  • The site must be supported to use on a mobile phone by using Cascading Style Sheets in the code with adjustable displaying properties.
  • Applying responsive designing theme in a site is beneficial to display it on all types of screens used by the end-user.


The website must also have the Adaptation feature where a site is maintained with easy-to-use facilities. The adaptive designing system allows the user easy to follow by displaying the site according to the screen configurations. When a site is downloaded, each web page first identifies the device type and device features. Later it selects the mobile version of the page and displays it on the user’s screen.

How to modify the site towards mobile

Web site traffic is increasing day by day from mobile phones by millions of users. Google also employs the priority for mobile-friendly websites for search engine optimization. It enforces to create mobile-friendly websites for a business website. It is a waste of things for the business which already maintains an online-store.  So the possible option for them is redesigning the existing site with the implementation of adding mobile version. Here are some methods to redesign your website to ‘mobile friendly’ and rank higher on Smartphone.

  • Redesign the site added with responsive and adaptive features in the web pages. Otherwise create a separate mobile site for the same domain. It allows the user to display a mobile version of the site on his phone, and regular website on his computer monitor.
  • If the existing website does not have the resources to work on the mobile version, then two options can be followed. One is creating a new site, and the second is adding separate sites with different pages to be used on mobile. CMS software tools such as WordPress can be used t create a mobile version of the existing.
  • Before creating a site it must be designed to adapt mobile features first and then code is extended towards desktop versions. For checking a site whether it is mobile-friendly or not, use google Webmasters tools for a web page, make speed tests for the elements of the page, and map the path to access the page.
  • Create adaptive website keeping in mind the screen configurations. Size variations of the mobile screen, navigation style of the user, touch screen facilities must be given importance for making an adaptive web page. Optimization must be done by shrinking the contents of the page according to the screen resolutions and size at the user’s end.
  • Using image-based header on a page may present cutoff images on the mobile screens. Reorganizing the elements with different navigations is helpful in this case.
  • Finally the method of creating a mobile-friendly website with the extended facilities to display it on a desktop screen is the best way.


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