Ecommerce sites have reached explosive levels of growth today and have risen to contribute to a great extent in business revenues. Almost everyone indulges in one form of business transaction or the other over online sites; virtual shopping experiences equaling those of walking into a store to make a purchase.

Now the key of providing superior shopping experience to the user and surpassing it lies in the choice of the content management system that powers the ecommerce website. The features and the scope of growth your choice of a CMS actually extends to your website; in line with changes in business dynamics. Drupal is one such powerful open source content management system (CMS) deployed on a lot of the busy sites on the web; it can actively be customized to accommodate changes and also comes up with a wide range of website designs. Customizations can easily be incorporated in the user interface without having to actually change codes; you are no more dependent on vendors outside for making changes in the website. Drupal comes with extremely flexible overall web architecture and actively supports extended controls over design, it certainly extremely advantageous for growing businesses.

A step ahead- Drupal responsive websites

Internet mobility has swept the world of web users off their feet indeed! Websites are increasingly accessed from a plethora of wireless hand held devices on the go. Websites are expected to provide seamless user experience for the site visitor irrespective of the device used to access the website. Originally websites were designed for mobile browsers on a basic” detect and redirect “mechanism,  a small piece of  JavaScript code would detect the nature of the device from which initiated the request and accordingly redirect this request to a desktop or a mobile version of the website. However, with the slew of such smaller devices and screen sizes, responsive design helps design a site such that the layout spontaneously adapts to the width of the user’s screen. Take a look at the following aspects-

Responsive Drupal websites

  • One single uniform website for all devices: A single responsive website that uniformly runs on multiple devices smoothly certainly enhances the reach of your website.
  • Superior user experience given by your website positively influences user behavior towards the business and the website.
  • One single responsive removes the need for having multiple websites for diverse platforms –This automatically cuts down costs.

The complete over all look and feel of all Drupal websites is powered by themes; designing of these custom themes simply requires knowledge of HTML and CSS. Merging the concept of responsive web technology with that of Drupal will deliver a device friendly e commerce website that can run capably on any device. A feature rich-functional responsive website powered with Drupal will certainly make your e-commerce store popular; these responsive drupal websites makes active use of custom responsive themes including text, images and blocks relevant to the the size of the viewing screen. The following are the features of a Drupal responsive website;

  • Drupal responsive websites are fully functional; pixel perfect with a W3C validated coding structure- this automatically implies enhanced website performance.
  • These websites are those which uniformly run on the regular smart phone as well as on computing devices such as an iPhone, Smartphone or an iPad.
  • Responsive websites automatically earn brownie points with Search Engine Result Pages; due to the fact that these sites are built on SEO semantic codes.
  • Enhanced user experience is provided with websites that work with a hassle across operating systems and browsers.

We are well aware of the influence of a powerful drupal powered ecommerce website on a given business; it is imperative now to focus on increasing access to this dynamite! If PSD to Drupal is the first foot forward to building your online store , incorporating responsive design in it is taking it leaps ahead!