Good web developer is one that provides you with website you are looking for and can help you in gaining maximum traffic. In online business success is based on the traffic you gain and traffic can be attracted by building rich looking website. “Everything that glitters is not gold”. Do not forget this saying and go by it as people no more are interested in having look at jazzy websites. It is duty of web developer to provide their client professional looking website. Usually people overlap duties of web developer and web designer.
Let us inform you that duties of designer are quiet different as they do not have to deal with coding. It is web developer who is aware of code that creates website.

How does web developer starts with the work? First web developer needs to get in touch with web designer and then start with the website building work. Here are some of the points that will explain you the basics of commencement of work by web developer and web designer:

Planning procedure
Duty of web designer is to design website as per requirement of customer and at the same time it is developer that makes the website by means of coding. Every customer possess different requirement as they want their website to function in a definite way. Both designer and developer need to understand these needs and accordingly start with planning process. In planning procedure they need to get answers for two important questions:

• How the website should function?
• What should be the appearance of design?

Development process
Once the process of coding and designing has been discussed, then it can give start to development process. What kind of server your client needs? Is it PHP or .NET? What king of technology or conversion services do clients need? Is it Java script, CSS or HTML? Development process is all about fixing latest tech oriented aspects. Developer here has to be proficient enough to make use of latest technology. What kind of business are you running? On the basis of answer to this question service provider can plan the designing as well as coding procedure.

Implementation of work
Once the developer is done with accomplishing technical aspects, and then comes the role of web designer. Here web designer should start with the process of implementation of design. It is advisable to start his work with the assistance of web developer. Overall look of website is dependent on web designer and web developer so they basically need to work together on fixing particular website design.

Scrutinizing your work
Web development is incomplete without scrutinizing the work done by you. You need to scrutinize website and its functions in order to fix up problems, if any. Usually people ignore this aspect onve they build website and this can lead to losing credibility of website in case of errors. To be on a safer side it is good to scrutinize website before handing it over to your client. Web developer and web designer are constantly involved in every process of website building and so scrutinizing of website must be done by some third person and not by them.