Setting up an online business website is the need of the hour for the business houses, in order to reach out to wider audiences, Setting an online business web site will not only increase your sales quickly but also reduces your business operating costs and increases profit margin. And to achieve all these set targets, choosing an apt e-Commerce platform plays a vital role.

While there are many e-Commerce platforms are available that could assist you in setting up an e-Commerce store, yet Shopify is considered as a wise choice.

PSD to Shopify, Online business website design

PSD to Shopify

Shopify- As an e-Commerce platform

Shopify is a SAAS (Software as a Service), e-Commerce platform, developed to meet the ever growing needs of the business community. Its single focus is on developing e-Commerce websites which enable its users to quickly set up and run an appealing an engaging online store.

Shopify offers a set of comprehensive e-Commerce solutions, designed to meet the needs of businesses who intend to sell products and services online. It also offers many built in features such as hosting, shopping cart, catalogs, blogs and much more. Business owners can easily sign up and avail these available features to build a successful e-Commerce website even with sparse technical knowledge.

Why Shopify?

Shopify enables you to build and manage your online store, with these below listed hassle free features:

Store Management: Shopify offers a number of Store Management features, which will help you manage your online orders efficiently. Some of the features include:

  • Shopify notifies the user when some of the products are out of stock.
  • Provides new order notification through emails, RSS feeds, and SMS’.
  • Online store owners can do quick check their phones sidebar to see which areas of their inventory need attention.
  • It also offers many shipping related features, which enables easy shopping and ordering process as well as fast shipping services.
  • It also provides a multi-channel order manager to keep an owner in control of all aspects of his business.

Shopping Cart: Shopify values the secure cart of customers who browse the site looking for various products, hence they offer an exclusive shopping cart. Some of the important gestures are:

  • Shopify’s shopping cart feature, keep track of all of the products that a customer intends to purchase.
  • It also lets a customer know the quantities of each item. In addition, the prices, discounts, shipping cost, and total balance can be found on the shopping.
  • Effective solutions are provided to the customers with the option of changing quantities, sizes or other important details of an online order.
  • It also provides online store owners with a way to recover emails of visitors who have abandoned orders.

Analytics: One of the important features of Shopify is its Analytics, which contains a wealth of information about the visitors’ activities as it provides detailed info about page views, bounce rates, clicks details, etc.  And all this information can be used to create a marketing strategy and further optimization of the website. Shopify provides:

  • An actionable dashboard of sales orders and site traffic, which will help you in making right choices for your website.
  • Analysis and insights in sales growth.
  • Analysis and useful insights into the online store’s growth.
  • Insights into product related information.

Marketing and SEO: Shopify offers you a wide range of features that will help you to market and promote your online stores. The features include:

  • Shopify supports SEO best practices like customizable headings, title and meta tags in order to help potential customers find your stores through search engines.
  • Auto generates your online store’s sitemap, with the products, web pages and blogs.
  • Runs sales and promotion campaign by offering coupon codes to attract visitors and retain customers.
  • Notifies the customers of upcoming sales or new products with the MailChimp email marketing app.
  • Engages the customers and encourage sales with the option to leave SEO-friendly product reviews on your website.

Shopify Mobile: Shopify provides powerful features to convert your online store into a customizable mobile store to induce customer engagement and to increase sales. It makes easy to manage your inventory quickly and easily. Some of the best features of Shopify mobile includes:

  • You can easily track trends in your business by easily comparing numbers from past week or months.
  • You can switch accounts quickly and easily right from the menu.
  • It is easy to view all the product variants available
  • You can quickly see customer, products, totals, and transactions for an order.



Shopify is one of the easiest e-Commerce builders that helps you setup online stores for businesses of any size and also caters to a broad range of industries. It absolutely delivers everything needed to start selling online and make profits straight away.