Let us begin by understanding the fact that using a CMS allows a website owner to completely take over the content uploaded in the website, particularly allows easy edit of blog posts create new events etc. Now effective management of content in a website including all its technical aspects plays a crucial role in the performance of a website. Over and above the overall layout it is here that the choice of a content management system comes into play.

One such effective yet flexible content management system or a CMS that can be deployed and integrated with a framework for a web based application is SilverStripe. It also integrates themes, widgets and certain built in modules that become one of the mainstay features of this product. Silverstripe is completely open source and is totally compatible with most modern day website formats such as php5 and MySql based systems that are completely developer friendly. Silverstripe modules are based on a framework referred to as Sapphire; these are typically a collection of templates, classes and a variety of JavaScript codes.

The real advantages of having to use Silverstripe?

· Flexibility- Now the very idea of having to deploy a CMS on your website is flexibility and ease of use while navigating a website. A CMS works best when it makes room for a customizable framework can be developed and integrated by the developer.

· Great User Interface-User experience is key in any content management system, if the user is unable log in, add a page, change some text and feel in complete control of the website then the very purpose having a content management deployed in a website is defeated. Silverstripe provides exactly what is required for superior user experience; simple and intuitive.

·  This CMS is based on an object oriented PHP5 web framework which operates on a MVC or a Model-View-Controller approach allowing you to separate code from logic. The out of the box components and classes that the foundation provides helps build a sturdy platform in a CMS for the website. The modular approach is completely flexible and thus extending Silverstripes is extremely logical and easy to reuse as well.

·   This CMS works on Customizable framework- As indicated all along, creation of database relationships between pages in the website and data objects is easy. The concept called Object-relational mapper is used to create a database table which is in turn based on simple direct objects created from objected oriented PHP5 syntax. Fair knowledge of basic codes and u can kick start creation of database tables. Further it is also easy to add tabs and complex table fields.

·   AJAX style tree- The website is structured in a favorable tree style that is used within the CMS, the hierarchy is such that there are parent objects thus followed by the dependent child objects, which makes it extremely logical. Normally this type of parent-child relationship depends on where the pages are established during creation. For any alteration a simple drap and drop is all that will be required.

·  Silverstripe is easy to learn and has a quick learning curve- The documentation actively aids a developer and is well laid out.

·  Websites that are based on Silverstripe are not easy to hack, primarily because this Content management system is slowly finding its way up among developers.

Not many content management products today are completely open source, in the sense that most of them do not allow a completely customized framework that can be incorporated in by developers; they will have to find their way around frameworks which already exists and allow customization. Silverstipe is one of its kind that lives up to expectations!