When the social media is becoming more and more influential among the people all over the world and when they are being considered as an alternate media to know the truth by many people, face book is leading in this area with about 900 million active members and it has followers all around the world. Largely influencing the Jasmine revolution, facebook proved to be an effective media for the common man and this attracted wrath of many rulers. However, nothing seems to affect the future of the facebook as more and more people are becoming members every day. At this situation it will be interesting to know some unknown facts about facebook.

Know Facebook

  • The color blue is identified with facebook. Many might not have taken it as something important, but a few might have wondered why the blue color has been chosen for facebook. According to Washington Post, the reason for selecting blue as the prime color is that Mark Zuckerberg has color blindness and blue is the color which he can see clearly.
  • Iceland, European island country is availing the help of facebook in rewriting their constitution. As per the reports in the Guardian, the authorities are using facebook to receive suggestions and ideas from the citizens.
  • Recently New York times have published an interesting story about Dave Choe the graffiti artist who painted facebook’s first head quarters. After finishing his job, he asked to pay in stock. Now the stock value of the same is $200 million.
  • The social networking site which helps to find out new and old friends sometimes plays the role of a villain too in the daily life. According to NDTV facebook has a major role in almost 20% of divorce cases in US.
  • Another revealing by NDTV says that the name facebook was not available at the time of registration and it has been registered as facemash. Then in August 2005 facebook.com has been bought for $200,000
  • The Telegraph brought this interesting revelation that with over 900 million active users, facebook would have become the third most populated country in the world behind China and India, if it was a country.
  • The Telegraph has revealed more facts to prove the influence of facebook among the people all over the world. According to them more than 300 million photos have been uploaded in facebook every day and it has a stock of more than 219 Billion photos.
  • According to another report came in Business Insider, Forbes facebook holds accounts of more than 30 million dead people and even there are reports of murders because of un-friending somebody.
  • Another report in Business Insider says about the Chris Putnam who hacked the facebook in 2006 and changed thousands of profiles to a Myspace style. According to the report, he was hired by facebook at that time.
  • The most interesting thing about facebook has come in New York Times. Burger King had conducted a vast campaign in facebook. Most interesting factor in the campaign was the offer of free Whopper for un-friending every 10 people. When they got good response they started sending messages to the victims saying that their worth is less than that of a burger. However, they have to suspend the campaign very quickly.
  • Hope now you are convinced about the popularity and influence of facebook and might have enjoyed the little known truths about facebook.

Courtesy: http://in.finance.yahoo.com/video/10-staggering-facts-facebook-173012141.html