It is certainly an undisputed fact that the foundation of your website lies in the quality conversion of PSD to HTML. To just refresh the basic, so as to refresh some basics, PSD files are those static photoshop files that necessarily need to be converted into a web compatible mark up called HTML. Valid HTML codes decide the fate of your website primarily in terms of performance and therefore it indirectly reflects on the revenue of your business. All this being said, the task of having to entrust conversion of these image /PSD files needs to necessarily fall into extremely efficient hands.

What is the role of HTML developer and a good website design, in the first case?

  • A website is technically conceived in the design stage; a sound layout, color choice, content, functionality and ease of website maintainability. A HTML code developer begins with this as foundation.
  • It is in the stage of design where the bugs in the code are best eliminated – the developer is able identify any lapses in code and would be able to correct flaws at this stage easily.
  • As per recent trends, separation of HTML programming as such has been segregated into structural and design components, with HTML handling the content and body of a given web page, and CSS or Cascading style sheets handling the layout/ appearance. This systematic semantic-based approach to web design has become the order of the day, and HTML programmers today begin coding with this philosophy.

Post broadly understanding the role of an HTML developer in building a website, consider the following tips to choose the kind of HTML developer your business needs- Some extremely simple programming tests must flag off any recruitment process, to just establish the fundamental coding knowledge of a prospective candidate. It is always better to be safe than sorry, is it not?


  • Do a thorough check of the portfolio handed over; if you have not been given one. Kindly insist on one. Just a scan of all projects handled is tremendously helpful in getting a good sense of the given persons capabilities.
  • Making a structured technical phone call brings about a verification of facts and also it establishes a form of rapport to check if the candidate is in line with the requirements. Rattle off some direct questions; in the event of disappointments you may always want keep your options open.
  • You may want to consider strong recommendations/ references from contacts on candidates for skill sets/performance before you begin the selection process. Contacts from reliable sources give you a sense of confidence before you embark on the recruitment process. Will it not?
  • Consider the hypothetical scenario where say a chosen candidate sails through all the mentioned checks;
  • Proceed to give him/her an audition project for a regular real world requirement or a unit of project that is needed real-time for the business .The audition project is some kind of a solid parameter to judge a seemingly highly qualified candidate ;because the ones that crack audition projects do not fail to perform consistently. In the event where one fails you can always pass off the audition project to the next strong contender.
  • At some stage it is inevitable that you decide to meet candidates in person, now as much as it may seem inevitable, but at some point of the earlier steps you should be almost certain that a particular candidate would be a great hire much before they step into the actual one on one interview room. Remember the thumb rule that every programmer ideally be able to market himself, and his work.
  • It is imperative that both the company and the candidate should make the best of efforts in good faith to determine if there’s a match on both ends. Your goal over and above merely an expert on the job should be to have fun ,enjoy the process of creating something new and exciting. Rushing into anything does not help unless the right connect is established.
  • Find out how much extra does the HTML designer really know, a bit of extra knowledge say on a CMS or even in SEO can come handy in times of crisis. An advantage which would be mutually beneficial indeed!
  • Before the final deal is made, it is important to seek feedback from previous clients on the performance, code quality and handing over of the project effectively within the expected date of delivery.

careful scrutiny during the process of recruitment coupled with the right attitude in a prospective candidate indeed lands your business a winner!