The power of engaging your audience is a brand is most crucial for your business; the marketing strategies you constantly device are carried out to make brands had to work harder again for greater reach. Keep in mind that your target audience constantly grows as is the means to reach out to them. And today with the kind of seepage the web and social media has with an average consumer, Social media websites are just out there to facilitate this. Interaction in a Social media website is immediate, accessible and more importantly, your audience are already there!  – it’s where your audience is already.

The customer today is spoilt for choice in terms of his exposure to a world of brands and the fervor in which promotion of products are carried out. Now the boon and bane of your active participation in social media are that the feedback is almost immediate. Consider the following- mobile phones block spam or broadcast messages if your tweets are not welcome they simply unfollow you. YouTube takes precedence over TV, the consumer creates a world of his choice, you will need to devise your marketing strategies in such a manner your brand reaches the user on target. This is where the importance of brand identity steps in, your audience will need to know your brand and familiarize themselves with what your brand stands for. And with more and more people getting on board with social media, and increasing their daily hourly or possibly continual interaction on these platforms it has thus become imperative for your business to actively engage in social media.

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In a nutshell –

1) With increasing competition and thrust to establish a strong online presence, it’s social media websites that help you launch an active campaign which can engage your audience hands on. Focus on unique and useful content which will catch the attention of your audience who can, in turn, share the same with others interested in your network. Social media presence also means a strong set of videos, eye catchy images and just about any tool which appeals to the consumer’s eye.

2) Social media websites help establish best practices so as to lay down a structure of product and service improvements. These websites support customer reviews so as to enable companies can instantly receive feedback on all its products and services. This is ongoing and hence bad reviews can be worked upon and accordingly communicated on the same forum as well.

3)   Unlike use of the forms of conventional media for a marketing propaganda which takes time to reach out, the success of a social media campaign can be monitored. YouTube exhibits the number of total views, likes and dislikes with provision for comments beneath the video itself. Facebook displays a whole slew of information about the success or failure of the product, service, or brand on the home page of the account!

4) More importantly, customer service levels can be worked upon due to the direct relationship between customer and company, which grows via active interaction on social media sites. This is as real-time as it gets!

5)   Social media campaigns help improve the level of leadership through thought processes and more effective campaigns can thus be launched.

6) Social media platforms help discover new talents, expertise feedback improvements and just about anything that can make your business grow, the exposure your business or brand receives via social media is unprecedented.

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Now websites are the gateway of your business in the virtual world, they are your only tool to communicate to the world of prospective customers about your existence and also open up newer horizons for expansion of your business. WordPress websites are most often the first step into the virtual arena for websites, and with growing demand for increased functionality of this content management system a slew of useful plug-ins or add-ons have been introduced. There are more to come indeed! Now in this context of social media participation of business websites, the plug in that is introduced is the social plug-in.

Social Login is a professionally developed and a free to download WordPress plugin which allows visitors to comment, login and register with more than Social Networks like for example Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, PayPal, and many more. You may want to read more about social plug-in and its deployment in

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