Before Starting a Web Designing,  Selection of best background colour, images, and fonts is the necessity for creating outstanding web pages. Your website colour must have a profound psychological effect upon the visitors and it must make the text visible. Make use of complimentary choices of shades and colours for background, graphics, links and texts.

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Websites use a variety of backgrounds to drive more traffic. While browsing through the net you will find various backgrounds being used by websites. Each website is distinct and attractive. With proper management of websites, now anyone can grab the attention of targeted audience. Some use limelight backgrounds and others use the designed background to make the websites appealing. Selection of proper background may help you highlight the contents and allow you enhance the background as such. There are certain tips that will enable selection of best backgrounds.

  • Selection of proper texture is the foremost step. Right from paper texture to grunge texture, you can find every type of texture for your website. For choosing the best texture you need to keep design concept in mind as different texture convey several meanings.
  • Selection of pattern must be done carefully. Now patterns can be downloaded easily for free. You can choose floral patterns, geometric patterns, and heart patterns. Select good colours for your patterns.
  • Proper use of Appearance. In order to give fabulous appearances to the website go for the combination of textures and patterns. You will see that certain websites make use of patterns and textures in combination depending upon the nature of the content and creativity of website.
  • Make proper use of illustrations. Illustration can really offer stunning appearance to your website. To target a large number of audiences, use great illustrations.
  • Make use of collage. Arrange pictures in the most creative manner in order to give the best appearance to the website. To offer website personnel go for scrapbooks. You can also offer a personal touch to your website in order to make it appear more welcoming, and inviting. Choose only suitable elements for your website.
  • Several websites use different colour shades. Some websites make use of darker backgrounds while others make use of colourful backgrounds. Before selecting the colour scheme it is important that the text of the website is readable and also make sure that the fonts are seen clearly.
  • Make use of drawings and doodles. This will make the website appear unique. If you make use of drawings then the website will receive an extra edge and advantage. To enhance the beauty of your website, use colourful sketches and attract more visitors in this way.
  • Capitalise upon panoramic backgrounds. It features great elements of imaging and there is wide angle presentation. This, in turn, offers the website a refreshing and relaxing look.
  • Make use of larger images. Select large image for website background. Focus on the resolution and the quality of images. Each and every step involved in the making of the website must speak about your reliability. Usage of low quality images may create negative impressions about your website. Bad images depict non-professional attitude. But then, make it a point that the image is connected to the content and niche of website.

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Colours that you use must enhance the subject. Without proper background colour, it becomes difficult to read the text. Appealing colours, backgrounds, graphics may entice the visitor to get engaged to the goal of the website. Visual elements must be appealing and impressive.

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