Blogging which initially started off as a forum to voice out random personal views opinions, blogging facilitates active two way interaction and brings a form of connect with your target audience; this is certainly applicable to businesses as well. Hence this concept has gained impetus and slowly is emerging as a crucial tool for businesses to propagate information on product/launches and services. Business weblogs act as an interface between the business and the customer with exposure on feedback on just about anything to do with the business. Overall a weblog or a blog is an all round presentation of who you are or what your business is in the social media / internet arena, it sort of establishes an identity of you/ your business on the web.

What is wordpress? What are wordpress themes?
A content management system is that software which allows you to take charge over what you publish on your website; it allows you to just about deal with anything on your website content. You will not require any form of technical knowledge, experience with HTML or design to manage a website that is powered by CMS. Effective deployment of CMS brings down the time required to publish, thus content can be uploaded faster onto the website.

Now, Word press is basically one of the most popular and a freely available content management tool which helps you host your own/business blog on the web. Over the years, Word press has grown to power hundreds for websites all around the world and one of the most user friendly systems to be deployed on a website.

WordPress themes are those set of files that determine the overall look and functionality of your website with no change to the basic WordPress set up. It would include information about the general layout of the site to specifics such as graphics, images, headers, logos and footers. There are thousands of free of cost as well as WordPress themes which are downloadable online. Your choice of a theme for you website will determine the “personality” of your website; it would be a very important determinant of the structure of your website.

So how would you go about choosing the right wordpress theme for your website?

It all begins with the Design that appeals to you- It would certainly make more sense to start with a website that appeals to you aesthetically and has the bunch of features which you have always hand in your mind for the website in terms of colors/ columns and other visual attributes. Proceed to analyze each feature offered and if it can be applied to your website.

  • Have you arrived at the purpose of existence of your website? If in case you are looking to collect contact emails from your site for say a promotional activity; then a theme like say the Generate theme by StudioPress.
  • Flexibility is the key – Businesses function dynamically you cannot resist any change when you carry on business; hence the choice of a theme that will be most accommodative to changes and allows customization will best suit your website.
  • If in case you have arrived at a theme ensures that the concept used is not already popular in your circle- people do not want to be confused with competition!
  • Look for reviews – Be informed on opinions of a particular theme, information on the developer and the overall quality in general; what is the buzz around it on the code quality? If you are still unable to make up your mind on your choice of a theme for the website whether you have the right theme, look out for some real professional assistance.
  • Additional certification/assistance will be added pluses on themes!
  • You choice of a word press theme must be on par with the word press edition incorporated on your website.
  • With the shift of internet technology to mobiles, choosing a Responsive theme would be wisest decision made for your website design. Responsive themes are those which adjust automatically and change display favorably when viewed on mobile.
  • How much do you intend to spend on your word press theme? There are an equal number of free/paid themes in the Word press directory. If you are in a position to accommodate, do have a budget, premium themes would be a great option as well.

A few last words-
WordPress is extremely popular and it comes with a wide range of options, choosing the right theme can seem a tad overwhelming to start with; take a breath move back a little bit jot down your priorities and break down your task at hand. Research as much as you can and test themes, going that extra mile for your website is certainly worth it!