Hypertext Preprocessor also is known as PHP or Personal Home Page is a commonly used scripting language designed for web development. It was created in 1994 by RasmusLerdorf and has ever since been popular amongst coders and developers across the globe. The platform on which the websites can be designed and implemented is called a PHP Framework. The use of the PHP framework has made web development extremely easy and enhanced the quality of the websites. It has majorly done away with repetitive coding by enabling rapid application design (RAD).

Top PHP Frameworks

Let us touch base upon the top PHP Frameworks of 2017 in this article.

PHP Laravel Framework

PHP Laravel Framework

Created by Taylor Otwell in 2011, PHP Laravel framework intended to develop websites using the MVC or Model View Controller model or architecture. It is a free open-source PHP web framework and has been used in developing innumerable websites globally. It was created to provide an even more advanced alternative to the CodeIgniter framework.

Laravel development services latest stable version was released on 30th August 2017.

Uses of Laravel application development

Uses of Laravel application Development


  • Structure: Laravel application development makes connecting with databases and running queries quite simple. Laravel supports the said database systems- Postgres, MySQL, SQL Server and SQLite.
  • Connections: With the use of PHP Laravel framework you can alternate between database connections. For example, you may want use one database connection for INSERT and SELECT statements whereas another for DELETE and UPDATE statements; this is made extremely simple via this framework.
  • Queries: You can easily run queries on any database through the Laravel framework. Not only can you alter the queries but also listen for query events.
  • Transactions of Database: In case you feel the need to run a particular set of operations within a database transaction, you can do so by using the TRANSACTION method. You can begin a transaction, rollback a transaction or commit a transaction via this method.
  • Logging queries: PHP Laravel Framework is automatically devised to keep a memory log of any current and past queries, making it easy to access any point of time.

Major Advantages of Laravel development services

Major advantages of Laravel Development Services


  • Artisan- It has a built-in command line tool called Artisan that makes it easier for developers to perform majority repetitive actions, instantly. You can create a skeleton code as well by using Artisan
  • Eloquent ORM (Object Relational Mapping)- This includes an easy PHP ActiveRecordapplicationthat lets the designer raise database queries with PHP syntax/structure instead of writing SQL code. ORM is considered faster than other frameworks.
  • Templates– It has a wide range of web design templates to choose from, making it easy to create amazing designs.
  • MVC Architecture– This allows for better documentation, improved performance along with several inbuilt features.
  • Security issues– Laravel application development takes care of security within its framework by using the hashed and salted password. This simply means that the password in never save as the plain text in the database. It effectively uses Bycrypt hashing algorithm.

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PHP CodeIgniter Framework

PHP CodeIgniter Framework

This is one of the most powerful frameworks yet. It is built to offer ease to developers who are looking for amazing designs with a minimal footprint. The entire toolkit comprises of some really noteworthy full-contained web applications. The CodeIgniter framework development was developed by EllisLab and is currently the project of the British Colombia University of Technology.

Uses of CodeIgniter framework development

Uses of CodeIgniter framework development

  • Excellent performance over its competitors consistently, making it a preferred choice for a PHP framework.
  • Zero Configuration, almost, offering a whole package of classes and libraries that are ready from the word go.
  • A very strong MVC structure makes the CodeIgniter framework development relatively easier to handle. It is the best structure to build any web application, wherein all the needs come to the controller, performing any database interaction via Model with the ultimate output being through View.
  • Lessened chances of Code mess or duplication makes it a favorite amongst developers globally. It offers heightened security measures by ensuring that you develop a habit of writing the code in its stipulated place only.
  • Documentation clarity helps to maintain a clear view of what you are coding as well as offers the users to use their ingenuity while developing an application.

Key advantages of PHP CodeIgniter framework

Key advantages of PHP CodeIgniter framework

  • Error Handling is made easier due to its user-friendly interface that helps to immediately detect any and all errors seamlessly.
  • Form Validation helps to write the code in one single line, ensuring that you have the necessary structure in place in HTML form.
  • Developers can make web applications with more added structures and high-end functionalities by using inbuilt libraries and resource of PHP CodeIgniter framework.
  • Codelgniter framework development helps to create both front-end and backend of a web application effectually and effortlessly in a protected manner.
  • You can create dynamic and large-scale web applications in a short frame of time

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CakePHP Framework

CkaePHP Framework

CakePHP development framework allows applications to be built faster, swifter and simple while requiring less coding. A tastier and a very intriguing framework, CakePHP framework development offers the most flexible database to develop both small and complex systems. It is compatible with MVC, PHP4 and PHP5 architectural setup. It is a modern and more layered framework which is easier to work with, requiring fewer codes.

What are the uses of CakePHP Framework?

What are the uses of CakePHP Framework

  • It is a free open-source, rapid development framework.
  • CakePHP development services follows the MVC or Model View Controller architecture that allows you to divide the application into three major categories namely- Model, View and Controller. Model support data logic, View supports data rendering and Controller ssupports/processesactions and reactions. It acts as an intermediary between View and Model parts.
  • The simple configuration makes it easier to break down complex bits of applications. It significantly decreases work load since you just need to take care of database connection settings.
  • CRUD support i.e. Create, Read, Update and Delete support allows users to view the application in just one single line of code. We are not sure of its availability amongst other frameworks, however, with CakePHP development services it is definitely time saving.
  • Testing may or may not sound useful to many; however, with CakePHP you can analyze your application and check its criticality at every stage.

Advantages of CakePHP development framework

Advantage of CakePHP development framework

  • Many CakePHP development companies offer a structured application development with lots of flexibility to create better applications.
  • CakePHP development is extremely flexible, quick with an easy turn-around time.
  • It helps to yield a higher ROI as compared to regular PHP frameworks.
  • It offers a continuously expanding suite of plugins, gems and development utilities that make it extremely easy to operate any application
  • It has the ability to handle a large volume of users at once, without faltering or rendering a wrong code.
  • It offers view helps for JavaScript, AJAX and HTML forms, etc.
  • It has a flexible caching system
  • CakePHP development services have the incredible ability to work from any website directory, even with little to no intervention of Apache configuration.
  • Email, session, security, request and cookie handling scopes are present in CakePHP Framework.

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PHP Slim Micro Framework

PHP Slim Micro Framework

As the name suggests, it is a micro PHP framework that allows you to quickly and efficiently write simple and powerful API’s and web applications. It allows to swiftly write RESTful web applications. It is used to build simple and small web applications and APIs.

What are the uses of PHP Slim Micro Framework?

What are the uses of PHP Slim Micro Framework

  • Powerful and quick HTTP routing for creating SEO-friendly URLs
  • Uses less cache and hence improves the website performance
  • System security is increased due to the presence of secured cookies
  • Debugging and error handling enables simple and quick testing

Advantages of using Slim micro framework development

Advantages of using slim micro framework development

  • If you compare slim framework development with other micro frameworks, it is easy to configure and well documented
  • Uses a clear and straight cut concept for its middleware
  • It has amazing scalability options
  • It is completely PSR 7 compliant
  • Slim framework development comes equipped with classes
  • Support Code hooks
  • It has great documentation feature that is extremely important especially in a micro framework

PHP Framework Performance Comparison 2017

PHP Framework Interest by Region 2017


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With the unique configuration, power packed features along with an extremely user-friendly open source code, all these frameworks offer a suite of functionalities to the users. Clients or programmers, alike, can benefit from changing their current systems to PHP frameworks. They help in creating more ROI, expanding businesses online as well as provides scalable models of application development.