Creation of a website does not just stop with building a basic website design, choosing to convert into a web compatible HTML or your choice of mark-up and thereon incorporating the right content management system or a shopping cart softwareas the case maybe in the website. Technology is subject to constant change, more so with technology being in its dynamic peak, management of websites can be a challenging with constant new versions being introduced from time to time. Updates cannot be ignored, although they demand additional time and effort so as to be verified for compatibility with plug-ins deployed in the site. Overall -A timely upgrade of the content management system in your website benefits your website in the following ways-

  • The fundamental reason behind carrying out upgrades immediately is security – with passage of time software become increasingly familiar and thus vulnerable to malicious attackers.
  • Upgrades mean efficient code and features which help in easier management of the website. The new version of the CMS might have some additional features that help enhance user experience in the website.
  • Overall for all reasons of security, compatibility and speed, each new browser version also works on the enhanced speed of navigation and eliminates any known security loophole.

After having broadly understood the need of upgrading a content management system/shopping cart software deployed in your website, let us understand in specific the host of advantages which prestashop as shopping cart software gives your website and the ease with which a prestashop site can be upgraded.

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Prestashop is a wonder CMS in itself!

Now Prestashop is a shopping cart software , a PHP framework which is based on MySQL and Smarty Template Engine (a collection of files which create HTML templates and accordingly import them to ease the process of web page design). The basic installation of Prestashop itself offers features such as product catalogue with all the relevant codes, stocks, shipping, orders, customers, newsletters, and coupons. Modules on gift coupon and loyalty program options can also be added along with the basic package.Given the ambition of online businesses to reach out to a bigger set of audience, Prestashop also supports a range of international languages and currency. In short-

  • It is a widely used solution for all small and medium sized enterprises to build online stores
  • Allows easy management of multiple stores from a single back end office. It completely encompasses catalog management, sharing of orders and carts, uniformity of URL accordingly.
  • All new and improved back office as well as front end with a new graphic layout and design. Categories and product tree structure have been worked upon as with the home page as well.
  • Prestashop 1.5 includes an advanced stock management option so as to increase efficiency and facilitate better inventory management by way of managing physical stock in various warehouses and then generate supply orders.
  • This feature aims at enhancing user satisfaction while allowing the site owner to gather all messages from different sources orders, contact page and compile it into a single page.
  • Mass discounts for the customer’s cart, as per product purchase/ total amount etc can all be customized in Prestashop. All this and more can be carried out in all but a few clicks!
  • Management of downloadable products enables you to manage variations of products downloaded and also create a package of multiple downloadable products and also display the price accordingly.
  • Taxation and improved localization feature accommodate adaptability of various tax laws during the shop installation phase itself.  Now, this is automatically applied as per the country (where the site is designed) and local bodies and laws that are applicable.
  • A step ahead of the feature -New Module API also enables easy management and upgrading of all existing modules and ensures that only the latest versions are up and running.

A conventional upgrade of PrestaShop would require-

1)      Installation of the latest version of PrestaShop

2)      Work on migration of all data from the previous website to the current one

3)      Rework on configuration and related parameters.

Now, this is not only cumbersome but also brings about a lot of waste of time and resources not to mention the costs involved.

Upgrading Prestashop can be easier than that!

The single click module developed now in Prestashop allows the user to easily upgrade the current store with ease; the relevant database and file back-up is enabled automatically with the upgrade.There is also a possibility of roll back to the previous version ensuring no loss of data, in case of any mishap. For more details you may want to read up here- as well as

Prestashop as a shopping cart software is packed with all benefits that you can possibly render to your online shopping portal, timely upgrade of your store still holds influence to the direction of a website that performs!