Magento basically is an open-source platform, a fast growing ecommerce script which uses database back-ends like Zend PHP and MySQL. Magento owes it popularity to its flexibility through its modular architecture; its complete scalability aspect and the range of control options it offers to its merchants are other note-worthy features. Additional features includes powerful marketing, merchandising and content management; once again it is designed for scalability and is thoroughly backed up by an exhaustive support network. All right, so all that about Magento for the future of your business which is e ecommerce. So what is this fuss around ecommerce anyway?

Ecommerce and where Magento comes into play-

The advances in internet and related technologies couple with the increase in the number of people who have access to the internet has paved way for a staggering number of companies using e-commerce to enhance revenues. The consequence of these positive developments is emergence of online marketing in business trends. Magento is that open source framework which is widely used for designing creative and functional websites to facilitate e-business. An important aspect that has helped e-commerce along the way is the simultaneous growth of payment gateways /like e wallets and EFTs which secure online payments for transactions carried out. E-commerce solutions, such as Magento have further expanded ground for a whole new potential market for your company eliminating any geographical limitations at all! For all shoppers today, sky is the limit!

It is the most ideal platform for creating strong on-line retailers which helps you create websites that are friendly with iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS and Windows Phone. However once again this does not really assure you, complete reach of your shoppers with newer platforms that emerge along side. So what really is the way out?

Birth of Magento Responsive themes- Benefits

Now, Responsive design is that approach which allows users to view their websites across all devices such as computers, tablets, smart phones. This brings eliminates the need for creating multiple websites for various screen sizes, replacing it with a single website uniformly displays content unaffected by the screen format, platform or browser used. It is indeed the dream of every business owner to save money, but get a fully functional, responsive website along with it.

A responsive Magento website design focuses on Search Engine Optimization perspective; one single uniform site than having different sites for different devices eliminating clash in traffic among different sites for a single business!

Responsive Magento template is available at free of cost for designing open online shops ; the templates provide easy solutions for designing dynamic websites as well. Alternatively, there are also provisions for manually designing a theme to develop websites from scratch, using conversion from PSD to Magento. However, Magento responsive themes have proven track record in benefitting businesses as follows:

  • Responsive Magento theme offers multi-device and multi-platform solution to reach out more consumers, the very crux of the responsive approach. Online shops developed using Magento have cross-browser compatibility consequently leading to higher conversion rates in business revenues and profits.
  • Magento offers a scalable platform for creating online stores; it is designed in such a way that additions of new features / functionalities are possible without any hindrance to the existing appearance of the site.
  • With Magento being an open source platform, responsive themes are available at free of cost thus facilitating even the smaller organizations to create unique websites without really eating into their funds.
  • Search engine optimization is the key factor for any website to emerge successfully. Responsive Magento template contains search engine friendly codes bringing about high ranking of the pages thus created.
  • Magento responsive themes are best suited to develop cross-platform e commerce websites to offer a safe shopping experience for larger number of consumers across communities.  The definite next step will have to be hiring professional services, who poccess the skills required in different modules of this framework so as to get your responsive site up and running!

Ensure that when you choose a conversion service provider from PSD to magento ; they should first and foremost be capable of  translating your design thought into the expected functioning online store which attracts the attention of the visitors almost just after hosting it. To sum things up, Magento is a reliable means to develop a safe online shop; it just about has all the different kinds of modules which just need to deployed on the website in a meticulous manner, sounds easy does it not?