Before we move into specific details of the discussion, read on the following lines. When you are planning for a website or if you are looking at measures to be taken to improve the performance of your existing website, you may have stumbled upon phrases such as a ‘good web design’. There is a misconception largely that it is predominantly color combination and images that becomes the main aspects in determining whether a site upto standards or falls below standards. Certainly, they so have a role in driving traffic to your website, but there is more to this phenomenon. The following are other points that contribute significantly to a good website designing.

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  • Easy to Read: – The first and foremost aspect is readability. The contents of your website should be easy to read. Fonts should be of medium size and preferably it should be in black color in a light background. Similarly, the contents should be in small paragraphs with bullet points to highlight anything important. Similarly, you should proceed any extra mile to include all necessary information a visitor may look for.
  • Easy to Navigate: – The menu should be clear and easy to follow. The average attention span of a visitor to a website is measured in seconds .Greater the time he spends in searching for relevant content when he lands in the website, more likely that he changes his mind and shifts away from the website.
  • Fast Loading: – A good web design is one that works with the underlying factor of page loading time. Greater the time taken for page loading more the chance of the visitor simply closing the window and launching a hunt for alternate sites. There is also a good chance of losing traffic comprising of returning visitors which is an important factor in deciding a site’s ranking.
  • Design to Meet the Target: – For every website, there is certainly a predefined function. For example some websites are meant for selling products while some others are for information on your business to those who visits them. There are websites that are meant to build subscriber base to your news letter while some are meant for generating enquires. In any case, the design should be capable of performing the desired function; as it is this which decides the fate of position of the business in the virtual arena.

There is certainly a need for a professional to design the websites after analyzing your business and your requirements from the relevant website. The designing tools and software that are available online have limitations as they all work on curtained predefined programs.  It is only in the hands of a professional web designer who s creativity and expertise which will bring in life into your virtual aspirations!