Your choice of a shopping cart platform drives the performance of your ecommerce website; the features and the scope of growth offered by Magento, a robust ecommerce solution is indeed notable with respect to this aspect.

So what is it about Magento?
Magento is open source and highly adaptable, it powers more than 150000+ web-stores in the ecommerce community world over speaking about its success in the world of shopping cart solutions. Magento is developed using the MVC architecture or ZEND framework with unique features offering site owners flexibility and complete control in terms of the appearance and content in the website .Magento is designed for scalability, it makes way for growth of the website along with your business. Magento is backed by an extensive network for any form of support to be extended at any given time. It comes with a wide range of free extensions, and facilitates modification of your website as and when it is demanded for!

Magento theme integration important

Magento themes and the significance of theme integration

Magento is an e-commerce web application that uses the concept of entity-attribute-value model to collect from the database. Perfect Magento Theme Integration begins with creation of theme and this theme will integrate your website to the overall Magento store; with an all new identity for your magento store! It is imperative that the design must follow all the W3C and CSS rules and also is compatible with the upgraded version of Magento. In short your magento theme should comply with the following

  • It needs to be SEO Optimized, responsive and cross browser Compatible, it needs to be HTML/XHTML compliant.
  • Easy user friendly Navigation is required with a unique look and optimized codes
  • The theme design UI (User Interface Design) and UX (User Experience) has to necessarily remain unique for every user.

The right method of carrying out magento theme integration provides you with the following benefits-

  • Bring about a captivating as well as vocational look to your eCommerce Store.
  • It brings about a distinction of your exclusive web store as against a sea of other eCommerce stores.
  • Plays a positive role in influencing search engines so as to consider your website ranking.
  • Now the above brings about enhanced visibility and thereby a growth in customer base.

You may want to completely step into details of overall benefits of conversion from PSD to Magento, read on-

  • Conversion brings about a 100% hand coded HTML website and the conversion is just about pixel perfect!
  • Magento brings about proactive account management for your business, now this is extremely important for running an online business.
  • Your website now comes with W3C validated XHTML/ CSS.
  • Cross browser compatibility for all major web browsers, now this is extremely important given the increase in number of browsers that are being made available for access for users.
  • Magento themes are consistent enough to develop a brand image and bring about a high recall value among the visitors who can turn out to be prospective clients as well as for existing customers.
  • PSD to Magento service allows you to easily upload pictures, applications and multimedia on to your website on a need basis. High quality Magento codes facilitates quick uploads and thus helps your website stay updated on information. These applications enhance the website’s usability.