Business transactions over the internet has reached exponential growth in recent times, Whether you’re the owner of a conventional goods store or you run a technological firm in itself, it has become imperative for your business to pocess that dynamic ecommerce website so that you can cash in on these positive online trends. One major decision you will certainly need to begin considering earlier on is the platform on which you will want to stage your online store on.

What are shopping carts? What are my options here?

Shopping carts is that software which is basically an operating system which allows consumers to transact online beginning from purchase of goods /services to the payment and shipping of the purchase so made. From the point of view of the business, it helps keep track customers, bring together all aspects price, product variants, stock and revenue of ecommerce into one comprehensive system.

Visualize the scenario where in you head to any nearby store for grocery, you drag a cart and begin popping in your requirements one by one as you see them. Similarly you enter an online store, view the same variety of products that fulfills your demand, click on them and keep adding them to this virtual cart of yours. When you are through with shopping you choose the option to checkout and complete the transaction by providing payment details and learning of the shipping information.

What is zencart? Why should I choose zencart for my website?

There is a wide variety of lot of shopping cart/ ecommerce software which you may want to choose for your business.  Among the given options, Zen Cart is proven to be a popular as well an advanced ecommerce solution for your website; it was originally developed using the osCommerce base code. Zen Cart provides online retailers with a large number of customer management /marketing tools including attractions such as gift certificates, coupon codes, discount /sale terms, automated email order confirmation, and many more options. Zen Cart is however targetsdevelopers and advanced users; with growing needs of businesses and technology.

ZenCart shopping cart.
Zen Cart can be run from your own web server indicating that you can exercise complete control of all its features and capabilities. You may want to read on along the following lines for more conviction!

Highlights of Zencart –

  • Built in templates that come with Zen Cart is user friendly and allow customization and do not require expert assistance each time.
  • It makes use of a stand-alone program; flexibility in customization provides for changes in guestbook and PDF Catalog generator features, provisions being made available for affiliate program;Zen Cart is indeed that effective shopping cart solution you hoped to have for your website!
  • Apart from customization features, it is also extremely easy to install. It is open source free to download, runs on PHP and uses MYSQL database and HTML components only. It facilitates easy navigation and can be made use to perform repeated automated tasks. It enhances search engine optimization techniques via use of metatags and keywords that can be customized for each product given in the website.
  • Of what use is e-commerce really if its scope is limited to a given audience, with internet expanding access to just about any location you may so wish for, Zen Cart is replete with multiple taxes, currencies and even languages. Your customers will still be able to understand what you are attempting to sell while being able to understand terms of fees and prices despite language barriers.
  • It has a huge repository of simply great Plugins, thanks to the efforts of the great community of developers behind Zen Cart.
  • Moreover, Zen Cart shopping cart provides various options on delivery and payment. Credit cards payments are accepted through and Pay Pal or any other online service which allows you to manually send your credit card information. Options of checks and money orders are also extended in cases where you are unable to provide the mentioned mode of payments above.
  • Zen Cart actually makes way for the shopping cart to be right on the main page of your online store; you may also choose to build the cart around other pages of your website.

Zen Cart truly helps you discover the complete potential of this emerging concept called e-commerce; it is simply one of the best shopping cart software which you can deploy on your website. Establish your business in the virtual market effectively, choose zencart!