The growth of business and ecommerce as an industry online is steadily climbing and is fast becoming one of the most efficient, reliable and preferable means to purchase goods. The very existence of the ability to sell online has opened a host of new opportunities for businesses as well as to take advantage of endless opportunities it provides. Any concept online is that which keeps on evolving; new standards ideas and applications are a constant feature in any internet based service. In the above light having an upgraded, powerful and a dynamic website for any business set up has become imperative.

Word press sites traditionally cater to management of content in its truest sense; you may want to stick to it only if e-commerce is a teeny-weeny element on your website. Shopify is a leading shop builder, which is currently powering over 60000 shops and the numbers are growing steeply. It is an excellent Ecommerce software solution that provides an integrated package of all the features online selling would require. Let us consider the following features of shopify-

1) Technology as well as a hosting service-In case you are setting up a new website, you will not require to purchase your domain space. Shopify is a hosted solution, thus you are deprived of the efforts of software installation and upgrades. This however is not applicable in the case when you already have your word press site functional. Shopify can be set up on a sub domain( this costs nothing once again)

2) A huge variety of templates and store fonts to choose from –Choice from over 50 templates to choose from; customization of any theme and template is also supported by shopify.

3) User friendly product listing- The upload form is easy to use with provisions for multiple sellers/pictures, product variations and tags to be accommodated. Bulk uploaded of details also is supported.

4) Unlimited bandwidth and back up is automatic- A flurry of customers to your website would excite you would it not? This is actively supported by shopify and leaves you without having to worry about the site slowing down or crashing. Your store is adequately backed up and hence you would have to bother about data loss as well.

5) Payment gateways- Shopify easily integrates with credit card gateways/PayPal. In case you are selling digital products, delivery is executed via an integrated app included in your shopify subscription.

6) Cache of built-in tools- Whether you require a blog, coupon codes, cross selling needs, site analytics or even inventory management . Shopify has a comprehensive toolbox to fulfill all your requirements.

Trends in Shopify –Shopify2

Shopify2 is a major revamp and redesign especially to the back-end monitoring aspect of the shopify store. It was launched in June 2013, with a considerable amount of new functionalities to increase the productivity of the online store set up. Note the following highlights of this new version-

1) Search and filter options- Shopify 2 includes a new and enhanced search engine that helps you to product and inventory management.

2) Live theme previews have been included to reflect changes then and there without having to wait to publish changes.

3) Built in SEO and marketing features- Launching an online store is only half the issue solved. The rest of it is getting customers to your page, this new feature of shopify helps you in just that. It allows you to change not only the page titles and image alt tags, but also further edit meta descriptions for products, collections and blog posts. It also includes asynchronous analytics code and extends support to google analytics remarketing.

4) The administrative dashboard has been redesigned to make it easier to track trends and obtain insight from traffic and sales reports.

Shopify is the most flexible web based ecommerce solution which allows you to focus on your business rather than managing the application itself. It is the best you can provide to your online business today, weigh your options and choose wisely.