AngularJs Development

What is AngularJS development service?

An intricately structured JavaScript framework, AngularJS utilizes HTML languages as a template and spreads its arrangement to build dynamical view web apps. Angular JS developers efficiently turn HTML pages into easy-to-use mobile apps after breaking down the server and clients into several layers. XHTMLchamps is extremely well-versed and understands the potential of AngularJS, to help small and large enterprises, globally. Hire AngularJS developers with us who can develop high quality web apps, meeting your expectations, through effective AngularJS development services.

Reasons to choose AngularJS Development Services

Comprehensive AngularJS development offers a lot of flexibility in terms of developing single-page applications, than basic HTML ones. It is a comprehensive solution for rapid front-end development, with ease of testing and development.

Versatile A crucial aspect about AngularJS is its versatility to work with different libraries. You have complete freedom to customize your workflow to match your organization requirements. This makes it a favorite amongst developers.

XHTMLchamps Provides Efficient Angularjs Development Services For Industries Worldwide

Why should you rely on XHTMLchamps as your preferred AngularJS development company?

We have the expertise and knowhow to handle the diverse features of AngularJS. As an AngularJS development company we can provide professional web development to achieve more out of your website and increase your presence in the industry. We understand our clients’ requirements thoroughly and deliver as per expectations.


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Some common FAQs

  • What is the angularjs?

    AngularJS is a structural framework for dynamic web apps. It lets you use HTML as your template language and lets you extend HTML's syntax to express your application's components clearly and succinctly. AngularJS's data binding and dependency injection eliminate much of the code you would otherwise have to write.

  • Why do we use AngularJS?

    AngularJS is a structural framework for dynamic web apps. With AngularJS, designers can use HTML as the template language and it allows for the extension of HTML's syntax to convey the application's components effortlessly. Angular makes much of the code you would otherwise have to write completely redundant.

  • What is angular in web development?

    AngularJS (commonly referred to as "Angular.js" or "AngularJS 1.X") is a JavaScript-based open-source front-end web application framework mainly maintained by Google and by a community of individuals and corporations to address many of the challenges encountered in developing single-page applications.

  • How does the angularjs works?

    When AngularJS starts your application, it parses and processes this new markup from the template using the compiler. The loaded, transformed and rendered DOM is then called the view. The first kind of new markup are the directives. They apply special behavior to attributes or elements in the HTML.

Hire AngularJS Developers

More about WordPress, the largest used CMS

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PSD to Wordpress - Experts in hosting

With the experience in installation and set up of WordPress, experts at XHTML Champs make hosting a trouble free process.

The experts in word Press installation at XHTML Champs will provide you with world class services not only in installation but also in Word Press hosting. With in depth knowledge in Word Press setup; our team is also well equipped to provide ongoing service for your word press powered website and also handle alterations of your website.

PSD to Wordpress - Designs and Themes

The designs and themes that allure the visitors will certainly make your website more popular

We at XHTML Champs are aware of the fact that over and above technology or the technical expertise; unique websites are the outcome of talent and creativity as well. We have a sound team that is equipped to handle the following services-

  • WordPress theme development
  • Wordpress template designWordPress Mobile template design
  • WordPress multisite and WordPress multiuser
  • WordPress multilanguage
  • PSD to WordPress conversion
  • WordPress designing
  • WordPress custom theme
  • WordPress real estate themes
  • WordPress web services
  • Multi-lingual web designs with liquid layout to suit any screen.

PSD to Wordpress - Customization & Integration

When the question of customization arises, you should be clear with your requirements. Leave the rest to us.

Effective customization is the key to ensure that the website provides all functions required by the web site owner. It may be customization of plug-ins, e commerce customization, theme customization, third party integration or web services; you will get the perfect solution at XHTML Champs. Our team of developers and programmers can provide you the following service with a touch of professionalism and well within the time limit.

  • WordPress custom CSS development
  • WordPress 3rd party plug in customization
  • WordPress customization
  • Customizable WordPress themes
  • WordPress custom plug in development
  • Jigo shop
  • PHP Purchase
  • WP- E-commerce

We offer the best services available in the industry for a cheaper price.

PSD to Wordpress - Efficient Module Development

When you need to add one or more features to your website, you need a perfect module development

When you need to add one or more features to your website, you need flawless application development services as part of your package. The needs of a client depends on the expected output from a website. A website for E-commerce activity cannot be the same as the website of a social service organization. An expert developer should be able to suggest the best modules to meet client's requirements depending on what is expected of the website at a given point in time. We at XHTMLchamps have listed in the area in which we excel;

  • WordPress widgets
  • WordPress plug ins
  • WordPress custom plug-in
  • Widget development
  • WordPress module development
  • 1 click upgrade version module
  • CSV summoto
  • GA E-commerce tracking
  • Ticker breaking news
  • Lite Speed Cache Purge
  • E Front
  • Squelch unspam
  • NIX gravatar cache
  • A year ago today
  • Jajadi training
  • Lexity live
  • Ping away
  • Jelly box

PSD to Wordpress - Avail up-gradation service

If you are looking for an up-gradation from lower version to higher versions or from any other CMS to wordPress, we are here to help you.

At XHTMLchamps we also provide you with up-gradation services from lower version to higher versions or from any other CMS to word Press, as so required. Timely upgrade of technology is required in websites also to match with changing business needs and technology. We have an able team of experts who handle upgradations with ease be it a version upgrade or shift in technology.

XHTML Champs can also voluntarily guide you periodically on the upgrades that you need for your website along with the required additional applications you may require for enhanced performance of your website.

PSD to Wordpress - Maintenance and prompt Service

Whenever you feel that your website is not maintained properly, XHTML champs is here to offer you the right service.

Apart from technological upgrades; websites also require ongoing maintenance to keep up its performance thereby contributing to the business steadily. Our team actively trouble shoots your word press website periodically and also makes the required corrections whenever needed. We have in depth knowledge on word press; our valuable testimonials from satisfied customers will extend justification to all our claims!

PSD to Wordpress - Bug Fixing

Bug fixing is a great task sometimes, but we handle with ease and care to cost you no loses.

Fixing bugs requires an expert when programs used are sophisticated and powerful; there are instances that call for replacement of a complete CMS during the process of bug fixing. When it comes to dealing with content; we take extreme care and carry out changes in the CMS with no recourse of consequences to the website. Our teams of specialists fix Word Press bugs with ease which may be attributed to their thorough knowledge and experience. We have a good number of customers all over the world who have utilized our unmatched service and return to us with more requirements.

PSD to Wordpress - On Page Optimization

Of what use is a website if it is not search engine friendly?

The websites we create are by and far those that equal many quality norms put forth by international agencies, and therefore we are also aware that the site needs to be search engine friendly too. Further our service extends to high quality inputs such as graphics, contents and also audio support to enhance the appearance of your website. On Page optimization is a key aspect of search engine optimization which includes image optimization, audio-video Optimization, Met Tags, Header Tags, etc. A lot rides on proper codes and providing proper tags; in terms of performance of the website.

We at XHTML champs provide you with the best of results in providing you with the best of SEO friendly websites thus helping you with marketing/promotion of your business too. The experts in Word Press SEO will provide you even off page optimization so as to bring about an increase in ranking of your website.

PSD to Wordpress - Mobile compatibility

It is necessary to be in tune with the developments in technology sustain in the market. You are moving towards this goal by providing mobile compatibility to your website.

It is necessary to be in tune with the developments in technology sustain in the market; with increase in web applications the number of devices used to browse have also increased. While laptops brought about ease of browsing and people began using internet on the go, a host of other smaller devices have overtaken this cousin of the desktop! The arrival of much smaller devices such as Notebooks, Tablets, I Phones, I Pads, Smart Phones, and Black Berry has made it imperative for websites to be able to adapt themselves for adequate display on smaller devices as well.

The experts at XHTML Champs have adequate knowledge/ experience in creating websites compatible with any kind of device and the websites can also be ramped up to perform commercial activities. We are also into Word Press web services creation for native mobile applications and WordPress XML-RPC services implementation and customization for flash, I Phone, I Pad etc.