PSD to Responsive Web Design

PSD to ResponsiveAdvancements in technology has taken computers into the pockets of the users; Laptops, notebooks, tablets, mobile phones have taken over lives and minds of internet users. The scope of efforts put in by web designers and developers have just about expanded horizons; there is now a need for a uniform website that will work across all screen sizes and resolutions be it a desktop or a mobile. The term that explains this concept is called responsive web designing technology; working on a one single design which can be used to view across all types of screens.

We at XHTMLchamps have just the right resources to handle this demand for PSD to responsive web design conversion services. We have taken care to attain in depth knowledge on the concept and ensure delivery of designs that are truly responsive.

PSD to Responsive - FeaturesWe at XHTMLchamps do not hesitate to invest in infrastructure especially in technology and also ensure that our staff is in line with the technology we propose to deploy on all our projects. Regular training sessions are organized in the premises for all our teams to handle requirements with ease and overcome challenges in them.

We adhere to W3C validation norms and come out with search engine friendly websites. Our turnaround time is quick; further we also offer a 30 days free technical support to address any technical issue. For further conviction you may want to proceed to reading about our experience.

PSD to Responsive - Our ExperienceOur track record of projects in XHTML Champs has quite earned us the reputation of a high quality PSD conversion provider; we have clients ranging from varied backgrounds located in different corners of the world. This has provided us with the right kind of exposure to able to handle requirements of clients and create website designs with their backgrounds/expectations in mind.

We at XHTML Champs work towards perfection in the designs we deliver and hence have been lauded for our efforts by clients in all their testimonials. Our prices are extremely competitive for the services we deliver and hence affordable across a spectrum of clients.

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Some common FAQs

  • What is Responsive Web Design?

    The web design technology which enables the single design compatible for display screens of different sizes is called responsive web design.

  • Why it is necessary?

    You cannot say that all your visitors are using desktops only. Different users are using different devices to browse. When the design is not suitable for all sizes of screen, most of the visitors may not stay back at your website or will not come back again.

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Know more about Responsive web design, the trend of today

We bring more clear and detailed information about responsive web design which has become a necessity today. When the users use different devices for browsing, RWD will help you to reach maximum visitors.

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PSD to Responsive - Proper Coding

Proper coding for fast loading as well as for cross device compatibility

PSD to responsiveThe concept of responsive web design ensures that web pages built on liquid layout width make it suitable for screens across all sizes. Normalize.css style sheet reduces inconsistencies between different browsers and gives same appearance irrespective of the browser used. Less .css as helps in making the website more attractive while SASS makes it interesting/interactive. For images to be clearer and more attractive, we aim at perfectly slicing the files while converting from PSD. At the same time sprite images used saves time in loading images. Faster your website greater is your website popularity.

Our development of retina displays provides the maximum pixel effect to your images.

PSD to Responsive - CSS Frameworks

CSS Framework makes development of standard web pages faster and perfect.

PSD to responsiveWith adequate usage of HTML Boilerplate, a front end template, building of adaptable, fast and robust sites and web applications are facilitated. Further, we use twitter bootstrap to provide a wider range of design templates for forms, charts, buttons etc to help create a better looking website. Incorporating different applications to your websites including HTML boilerplate mobile apps helps in increased popularity and reach of the website. Multi-platform compatible 960 grid system ensures that your website can be accessed using different devices; this is especially at a time when a large number of mobile devices have taken over user access to internet.

We at XHTMLchamps constantly work ahead of time, test progress and ensure that our deliverables are of quality and are in tune with your requirements.

PSD to Responsive - Quality norms and Standards

We value the quality standards very much to deliver you the best

PSD to responsiveOur stringent quality control measures and standards are in par with international norms ensure you the following standards:

  • HTML/CSS Coding Standards.
  • Hand Coded HTML/ CSS
  • W3C Valid HTML/CSS
  • Cross Browser Compatible
  • Fast Loading
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Proper names for CSS
  • Non Web Compatible Fonts
  • IE Compatibility
  • Tab Indentation (Tree Structure)
  • Line Endings
  • Encoding and Charset
  • Special Characters
  • Image Prefixes
  • Code commenting
  • Content Accessibility- before image loading

PSD to Responsive - More features with Jquery

Applying advanced technology to deliver the best products

PSD to responsiveWe at HTML Champs do not limit our service to simple PSD to Responsive web design conversion; it extends to integration and customization of websites to possess a complete and a unique appearance overall. Besides all the usage of fast and feature rich Java Script Library Jquery to HTML document manipulation, animation, event handling and Ajax offer you many advantages including multi browser compatibility. Actively using Jquery UI will provide you a dozens of bug fixes and improve accessibility as well.

PSD to Responsive - Search Engine Optimization

A high level search engine optimization ensures a good traffic to the websites

PSD to responsiveClear semantic codes provided at XHTML Champs positively influence search engines; semantic codes facilitate indexing and bring about increase in ranking of websites .More over semantic codes helps create a list of contents related with each other including images thus making it easy for the search engine crawlers to understand content. With loading time also becoming a deciding factor in algorithms of many search engines, semantic codes play a positive role here as well. We at XHTMchamps provide semantic coding in all our projects as a part of PSD to HTML conversion.

PSD to Responsive - Mobile Compatibility

Mobile compatibility ensures a good crowd as the sites can be visited using any mobile device

PSD to responsiveMobile compatibility revolves around adapting the content; primarily due to the fact that display screens of mobile devices are smaller in size and hence multiple column layouts may not be advisable. Secondly the focus shifts towards the navigability in mobile devices; the user must seamlessly be able to shift across devices without any compromise in the quality of output he receives. We at XHTML Champs have equipped ourselves adequately to handle such developments in technology and provide you with mobile compatible conversion services.