PSD to Magento Integration

PSD TO MAGENTO INTEGRATIONMagento basically is an open-source platform, a fast growing ecommerce script with advanced features and powerful tools; it uses database back-ends like Zend PHP and MySQL. Magento owes it popularity and its flexibility via its modular architecture; its complete scalability aspect and the range of control options it offers to its merchants are other note-worthy features. Additional features in Magento includes powerful marketing, merchandising and content management; once again it is designed for scalability and is thoroughly backed up by an exhaustive support network.

In a world where more and more people lean towards the internet for business, Magento has gained popularity in a short span of time and emerged as one of the most preferred E-Commerce systems all over .Magento is certainly advanced and has many features backed by complex codes. Conversion from PSD to Magento demands the service of an expert in terms of understanding PHP cods and Mysql tricks.

A short journey through our features and experience will give you a fair picture about how to select the right PSD to Magento conversion service provider.

PSD TO MAGENTO INTEGRATION - FeaturesWe at XHTML Champs aim to provide pixel perfect design which match with the quality of the original design in PSD format. We ensure compatibility with minimum scope of errors; we proactively test all magento components before we deploy the same. Our perfect and clean hand codes will ensure a high level of search engine optimization and thus ensure a high ranking for your website. Cross-Browser compatibility helps your customers browse your site across browsers. Our experience with a variety of clients contributes to our expertise and helps speed up delivery ahead of deadlines. Irrespective of the size of the project or the complexity of requirement, you will be assured the best of our efforts and services.

PSD TO MAGENTO INTEGRATION - Our ExperienceCompetitive times have paved way for increased importance to perfection and professionalism of any service provider. We at XHTML Champs pool in efforts to master and deploy the latest in technology in all our projects, actively upgrading our practices at par with trends in technology. Now incorporating the latest in technology will need the expert hand of the right service provider. We at XHTMLchamps provide extensive training to our team periodically to help them in tune with the developments in technology. Our projects will certainly receive all the attention it would so require.

For perfect and flawless PSD to Magento conversion services, choose our services at XHTMLChamps.

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Some common FAQs

  • What is Magento?

    Magento is very powerful e-commerce script that gains popularity fast. It is an open source platform that uses Z end and MySQL database.

  • How much Magento costs?

    Magento Community Edition is available as a free download under open source OSL 3.0 license. The premium Magento Enterprise Edition Solution is needs an annual subscription.

  • Why Open Source?

    A recent report by O'Reilly Research on usage of Open Source in the enterprises provides a number of reasons for the growth Open Source.

  • What all payment gateways are compatible with Magento?

    You will get a list of all compatible payment gateways in the Features list or in Magento Connect under Payment Gateways.

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For a better understanding about Magento

When you plan for online shopping activity and think Magento will suit your needs, it is always better to know more about this platform. That will help you to plan your needs more clearly.

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PSD to Magento - Prompt and perfect hosting

A fast and perfect hosting to take full advantage out of a website

magento-iconXHTML Champs excels in thorough knowledge in installation and set up of magento, our expert developers and programmers are adept at handling requirements of any sort, overcoming challenges and completing it within the stipulated time. We have valuable testimonials from different clients substantiating all our claims. When it comes to Magento Installation and hosting, our experience is unsurpassed.

We are familiar with trends in technology and adopting of different techniques in different parts of the world as well. You may rest assured that we can create the best website that matches with your taste as well as one which conforms with your requirements.

PSD to Magento - Attractive Design and Apt Theme

The design and the theme will tell a lot about your activities and the status in your sector. Creating the best first impression

magento-iconThe design and theme explains the status and position in your chosen industry; it establishes your virtual identity as well. Before creation of a website design it is with this forethought and background that we commence work. All precautions and efforts are put forth to create the best possible design for you. We are driven by technology that complements our imaginative capability in all our web designs and templates. Liquid layout facilitates cross device compatibility for your websites. A lot of our creations have emerged to win international awards and nominations including CCS Design Award-

Our services include

  • Magento Designing
  • PSD to Magento Service
  • Magento Theme Designing
  • Magento Templates designing
  • Magento Themes integration
  • Magento WrodPress integration
  • And all other Magento Web Services

PSD to Magento - Customization and Integration

Customization and integration from a professional to meet your exact requirements

magento-iconCustomization of websites and integration of many extra features has become a common thing nowadays. By doing this regularly, you can keep in pace with the changing technologies and make your web a favorite of many tech savvy visitors. Being a leading company in web services XHTML Champs has a vast experience in Module customization, Commerce Customization, third party integration etc. With a team of talented and well trained team we are quite capable of handling any big project and or delivering the same on time. We are masters in the following services:

  • Magento Customization
  • Magento Module Development
  • E-Bay API integration
  • Payment Gateway integration
  • Magento API
  • Magento E-Bay
  • Magento WordPress Integration
  • Magento Quickbooks Integration
  • Magento Amazone Integration
  • Magento Integration with ERP
  • Daily Deal
  • Price Feedback
  • Events Calendar

PSD to Magento - Module Development

Module Development to suit the need of each customer is our special feature.

magento-iconThe experience gained over the years and our thorough knowledge in Magento helps us offer you quality service in Magento widgets creation, magento plug-ins and also in development of Magento extensions. We come a long way in delivery of quality in results and the same delivered within committed deadlines. Being a company managed by professionals we are not ready to put our name in stake. Hence we take extra care while approaching each and every project and finally you will get a masterpiece which serves a number of purposes for you.

PSD to Magento - Up-gradation service

We cannot lag behind in technology at this juncture and we offer the best up-gradation services for your existing website.

magento-iconEcommerce sites are always high on radar on the internet and hence they demand greater attention and regular upgrades. Even otherwise time to time up-gradation from lower versions to a higher one is required to keep in pace with ongoing changes in the market. Latest versions may offer added features which will help enhance performance of the website. Magento is a widely used E-Commerce platform which offers many features. If you are running your website on some other CMS and if you are looking to opt for Magento we are here to help you in converting from other CMS to Magento.

Over and above these services we exclusively offer Magento up-gradation service to improve your website's quality and making it up to date.

PSD to Magento - Maintenance and the technical

With a technical support we help you to maintain a trouble free website for a longtime.

magento-iconRegular maintenance ranks high up when it comes to e commerce websites as they require changing their policies, prices and other features related to their activities more often. With our in depth knowledge in Magento, our expert team will be in a position to extend unsolicited magento support for all technical problems related to your Magento website. Our services are professional with respect to Magento Maintenance service and that at a reasonable price. Handover your magento website to us and watch what we can do for you.

PSD to Magento - Bug Fixing within a short time

magento-iconWith newer developments in technology; snags malfunctions or bugs have increased, complexity of programs is yet another factor that contributes to this development. We at XHTML Champs will be in a position to help you effectively to resolve all bugs on your magento website. Equipped with thorough knowledge on a complete CMS; we would be quickly able to identify bugs and fix them. Our 24X7 customer support center are available for any sort of assistance you may need in this regard. Choose XHTMLchamps and be done with bugs!

PSD to Magento - Search Engine Optimization

With SEO friendly contents and on page optimization we make your website search engine friendly

magento-iconSearch engine optimization is a technique to improve the viewership of your website thereby increasing traffic to your website. Most new visitors land on a given web site through one or another search engine. We follow allowed and genuine techniques to provide your website with a high level optimization that lasts long. Search Engine Optimization is the best means of online marketing that helps in promotion of your website to a great extent.

We specialize in on page optimization including image optimization, audio-video optimization, header tags, URL optimization etc which will certainly deliver good results. Our team specializes in Magento Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Magento Load Optimization and will certainly provide a favorable ranking to your website.

PSD to Magento - Mobile compatibility

Time has gone when mobile compatibility has been considered an additional feature. With the changing habits of the people it has become a necessity.

magento-iconWith the changing consumer habits it has become imperative for websites to adapt to mobiles; there has been a shift to accessing websites via smart phones and other hand held devices as well. Most importantly with increasing popularity of ecommerce sites , consumers today are more inclined towards buying on impulse and as and when required, which may also be on the go! Under these kind of circumstances, it is necessary for the websites to be compatible with any device to ensure maximum reach. The main hurdle in making a site mobile compatible is theme compatibility, you may be rest assured our themes are greatly compatible as well .With professional services rendered by XHTML Champs you will still be able to retain the original quality of the design as it is while making it mobile compatible.