PSD TO HTML/XHTMLWith changing trends in technology and competition in the business, owing an error free fully functional website is imperative; this website should step up and work across different web browsers with reasonably good load time. The good will of your business in the virtual environment begins right here. Now how do you get a website up and running with such standards?

Qualities of codes directly influence the performance /popularity of a website in the web. It determines the fate of the website in the internet. The first step in the right direction begins with your choice of the right PSD to HTML conversion service provider.

With us at XHTML Champs, you may rest assured that the team will put in painstaking efforts to execute the process of slicing your PSD files to near perfect 100 % secure HTML codes, with your desired website design and quality in mind. Entrust your conversion task with us, we guarantee you 100% satisfaction.

PSD TO HTML/XHTML - FEATURESThe XHTML standard broadly defines three Document Type Definitions (otherwise DTDs).

The most widely used / easy one is the XHTML Transitional document; in the event of you planning to implement multiple XHTML attributes along with a few Cascading Style Sheet properties you may want to adopt this DTD.

If you wish to stick strictly to Cascading Style Sheets only avoiding most of the XHTML attributes, then it is recommended to use this approach. Documents that conform to this type are known for best quality.

We at XHTML Champs offer both techniques of Transitional/Strict doctypes as per your requirement; our designs also deploy CSS2.1 and CSS3 and CSS resets for the best of results.

PSD TO HTML/XHTML - FEATURESWe at XHTMLchamps take immense pride in having serviced clients from more than 54 countries with our clientele ranging from individual web designers to large conglomerates. It has contributed immensely to our experience from each one of these projects that sets us apart from our competitors.

Our resource pool is equipped to handle challenges as well ensure delivery of projects within the stipulated time. Our support services extend round the clock across time zones.

The testimonials listed by satisfied global clients below are proof enough of our work!

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Some common FAQs

  • Why should convert to HTML from PSD?

    HTML is considered as the building bricks of a website and conversion from PSD to HTML is required to make the pages more accessible to World Wide Web.

  • Why PSD to XHTML?

    XHTML is the advanced version of HTML. Only inbuilt tags are available in HTML for developing websites whereas in XHTML user defined tags can also be used along with the inbuilt tags to develop websites with complete features.

  • Will document. Write will work in XHTML?

    No it will not. The way XML is defined will not allow such tricks to be done. Still you can have the same effects, but you have to do it using the DOM to add and delete elements.

  • Why should use XHTML?

    XHTML adopts official XML standard syntax and it is an advanced technology with many features. The XHTML family is designed with general user agent interoperability such as mobile devices, web browser software etc.

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PSD to XHTML & CSS2 -Efficacious Coding

Proper coding to deliver the best in short time limit

PSD to XHTML & CSS2 -Efficacious CodingEffective use of LESS and SASS Frameworks during the conversion-

The purpose of Pre-processed CSS languages like SASS and LESS is to add features to CSS that are not available with it already such as variables, conditionals, and other functions. In simpler terms, what is found on your site is plain vanilla CSS which is actually a consequence of processing these LESS SASS or other pre-processed language files created.

Proficiency with CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and jQuery can be daunting , it makes your job hell of a lot easier if the same issues can be addressed in CSS itself is it not ? We at XHTMLCHAMPS understand t this, think ahead and actively deploy these frameworks on the modules required.

After all developments in technology aim to make both our lives, the developer and the client, easier is it not?

PSD to XHTML & CSS2 - International Standards

A quality in par with international standards

PSD to XHTML & CSS2 - International StandardsCSS Sprites are basically a mere extension of technique in CSS; for example as against an allowance of combining just two or three images into one you will be able to combine an unlimited number of images into one. CSS Sprites is fetch the image once, shifts it around displays requested aspects of that imagine thus saving the effort of having to fetch multiple images.

Sprites were usually displayed over static/ dynamic background image, the position of the "sprite "is controlled simply by the hardware controllers. The term was coined because of the attribute that sprites hover around the actually display while actually not occupying any graphic memory.

Our team at XHTMLChamps actively deploys CSS sprites for flawless imaging effects on your webpage! We are aware of the latest in each technological aspect and effortless execute it in our projects.

PSD to XHTML & CSS2 -Feature-Rich jQuery

Adapting latest technology for perfection

PSD to XHTML & CSS2 -Feature-Rich jQueryAt XHTMLchamps, we are extremely SEO centric in our outlook, efforts toward effective SEO is woven within each module in the project handled. Microformats are basically small patterns of HTML which is used to highlight commonly published aspects such as people, relevant events, blog posts, reviews / tags in a given web page.

It is that piece of mark up which allows expression of semantics in a HTML (or XHTML) web page; the role of these programs is to extract meaning from a web page (which is marked up with one or more microformats).

We actively use Microformats and inputs from schema.org for an enhanced search display for web pages. Schema.org is a site that provides a collection of schemas, i.e., html tags, that webmasters can deploy to markup their pages to facilitate recognition by major search providers including Bing, Google, Yahoo! and Yandex. The underlying concept in the complete scheme of things is the fact that your web page needs to rank high in the SERP, you may be rest assured on our efforts in that direction!

PSD to XHTML & CSS2 - SEO Friendly Web Pages

SEO through semantic coding

PSD to XHTML & CSS2 - SEO Friendly Web PagesYour web pages' code will actually influence search engine indexing and accordingly proceed to rank the given web page. (Speed has become an increasingly important factor today).

Google has started to weight page loading times quite heavily such that, if your pages do not quickly enough, there is a good chance of your site slipping lower down on Google's SERP.

As indicated earlier our team in XHTMLchamps do not deter from focus on SEO friendly codes, your web page will be built with appropriate use of proper headings /ALT tags wherever needed.

PSD to XHTML & CSS2 - Assured Mobile Compatibility

Mobile compatibility assure freedom of browsing in any device

PSD to XHTML & CSS2 - Assured Mobile CompatibilityThe advent of smart phones and with more and more users taking to phones to access the internet, it has become imperative that web pages created are mobile-ready and friendly as well. There is no greater convenience for the user to be able to access the webpage through a medium of his choice, especially when mobility plays a key role in his routine.

PSD to XHTML & CSS2 - Up-gradation Services

Being in tune with the latest trends and technology will certainly make your website a masterpiece of all times.

PSD to XHTML & CSS2 - Up-gradation ServicesWeb Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 are those non technology specific guidelines laid down which cover a range of recommendations for enhanced access of Web content. Implementing these guidelines will render the content accessible to a wider spectrum of audience in terms of those with physical disabilities; it basically projects the content in a more "usable "manner. You may want to go through this link http://www.w3.org/TR/WCAG20/ for some insight on the topic. Our codes and conversion process at XHTMLchamps strictly stick to these guidelines thus laid, in all the projects we undertake.