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Digital Marketing


Making use of electronic devices such as computers, tablets, smart phones etc as a mode to communicate with customers is called as digital marketing. Internet marketing is also a part of digital marketing. The strategy for digital marketing will be totally different from the conventional strategies applied in marketing. This new generation marketing strategy needs the support of a team of professionals experienced in this line.

We at XHTML Champs, have a pool of experts who can help you to work out an effective strategy to market your products or services digitally and can also help you in implementing the same. Our intention is always to become the number one in every field where we enter and we know that only the best people can make a team that wins always. By choosing the best from the lot we have created a team and now we are one among the best companies in the world who provides digital marketing solutions.

iconWith a vast experience in web designing and development, we know the importance of websites in digital marketing. Right from providing you a search engine friendly website we will work with you in improving your business through digital marketing.

The team of market researchers with us is carrying our extensive researches in the market to understand the pulse of the market. According to the feedback we will help you to optimize your web pages to derive maximum mileage from Search Engine Optimization.

Our team of experts will participate in various forum discussions and social media campaigns to enhance the brand value of your products and at the same time to create awareness among more people. We are also experts in other forms of E- marketing such as email marketing, marketing through web directories etc. By posting apt contents from time to time in many content directories, we can attract a good number of visitors to your website through back links.

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Some common FAQs

  • What is digital marketing? Is it same as Internet marketing?

    Digital marketing is a marketing strategy where electronic devices such as tablets, smart phones, computers etc are used to get in touch with the customers and to propagate the message about the business. Internet marketing is a part of digital marketing.

  • What is Pull Digital Marketing?

    In pull digital marketing a customer will take the initiative to search for a product or service and he or she will reach the destination by opening email content or visiting a website etc.

  • What is Push Digital Marketing?

    In this type of digital marketing, details about the business (Products or services) will be sent to the recipients without their consent and try to allure them.

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Digital Marketing- Search Engine Optimization

SEO to make your site more popular and also to increase the page ranking

marketing-iconSearch Engine Optimization, as you are already aware will improve the ranking of the websites. Though different search engines are following different algorithms in searching, there are a few common criteria which all search engines follow. Keyword density and the relevance of keywords to the content, number of visits and revisits etc are some of the most important ones among them.

Search Engine optimization techniques can be divided as on page optimization and off page optimization. Experts at XHTML Champs will follow several techniques involved in on page optimization to maximize the optimization. At the same time, our experts in digital marketing will take all steps of off page marketing to improve the optimization of your website.

Thus we have chalked out a two point strategy to provide maximum benefits to our clients and the strategy has proven successful with quite a good number of clients.

Digital Marketing- Social Media Optimization

At a time when the social media has gained momentum and popularity, the same can be used as a media to advertise also.

marketing-iconGone are the days when a newspaper ad or a TV commercial served the function of advertising your business. Social media such as blogs, forums etc have emerged as the effective media for advertising. These media take the message about your business to a large number of people and the increasing influence of such media has created a wave favoring digital marketing.

We have an expert team to assist you in digital marketing effectively. We explore all the possibilities available such as blogging, creating forums, blog commenting, social bookmarking, posting in business directories etc. After the popularity of many social networking sites and video uploading sites, we are using those too as a media to advertise your products and services. When the blogs and forums enable a two way conversation, the feedbacks can be used to improve your strategies too. Besides, these media can function as a media to solve many customer issues.

Digital Marketing- Pay Per Click

Pay per Click facility offered by many social networking sites and search engines are proved to be cost effective and useful type of advertising.

marketing-iconPay per click is a type of internet advertising technique where you can advertise your business with a short description and a link to your website. When some of the visitors take interest to know more about your business he will click on the link to your website and you will have to pay only for the clicks to publisher who publishes your advertisement.

Many big players in the internet field have opted for this type of advertisements. Google Adwords, Yahoo Advertisements, Microsoft Advertisements etc are providing you a rich plat form to advertise on pay per click basis. Many social networking sites including Facebook too offer the same.

Such sites have quite a good number of followers and thus a good traffic is ensured. We have experts to create alluring advertisements and posting the same to increase traffic to your website.

Digital Marketing- E-mail Marketing

The best way to reach your message to the real customers

marketing-iconE-mail marketing was the first step towards digital marketing. In the early stages, e mails, have been sent to many people which will depicts the activities of an organization in so many words. It was simple and contained no images. Later the developments in technology enabled sending images and videos too.

Now this strategy has developed a lot and proved to be more effective too. The place of simple emails has been taken over by more attractive and effectively communicating e mail templates. XHTML Champs, experts in email templates design and development has a vast experience in creating many attractive templates for many clients world over. Our work does not stop there. With a large data of email addresses, classified into different groups depending on various factors such as age, income, gender, nationality etc we are making it sure that your messages are reaching the right person who may have an interest in your business. We will not stop our work there too. By doing thorough analysis of the feedbacks we receive from our customers as well as from the recipients of our mails, we will update the strategy from time to time for deriving deserved results.

Digital Marketing- Social Networking

Our experts at XHTML Champs will make use of the social networking sites to give maximum publicity to your business.

marketing-iconSocial Networking sites have attained popularity like never before and they are really influencing in shaping the thoughts of the people. It has been proved in the Jasmine Revolution and also in some other agitations. When the social networking sites can influence the way of thought of people why cannot they be used as effective media for advertisements?

We are well experienced in social media and our team members will do everything for you to boost your sale with the help of social networking sites. Our works starts from opening accounts for you in social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc. Once we ensured your presence there we can use the other services offered by these sites such as creating fan page, twitter page etc to propagate our business. Effective facebook marketing by an expert can lead quite a good number of people to your fan page and from there to your website. Twitter marketing and linkedin marketing are also found to be equally effective.

Digital Marketing- Content Marketing

Informative and attractive contents can lead people to your site and thus you can increase the traffic.

marketing-iconContent marketing has many things to do with Search Engine Optimization. In real, the contents in a website are the heart and everything depends on it. While attractive designs and special features can create an interest in the minds of visitors, it is the content that gives them the information. Experts at XHTML Champs will create apt web content with suitable key words. While the key words lead search engine crawlers to your web page, the informative content will serve the purpose of the web site.

Besides, we will provide search engine optimization to your websites by posting related articles in many article posting sites and giving back links to your site. Experts at XHTML Champs can also help you in developing and maintaining blogs too. Blogs are good in communicating with the people more effectively. Here you will get many feedbacks also which will help you to understand the market well. We will help you to prepare and post press releases whenever you are coming up with a new product or at special occasions.

Digital Marketing- Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing has been proved as an effective marketing strategy where you will have to make the payment only on performance base.

marketing-iconAffiliate marketing is a marketing strategy which is proved to be providing high returns for comparatively low investment. Various methods involved in affiliate marketing such as Pay per Performance (Revenue Share), Pay per Lead/ Cost per Acquisition etc will give you a chance to advertise your products without much initial investment and to pay only for when some result is generated.

There are many networking sites and directories which offer to advertise your business on pay per click basis. Here you will be giving only the cost per click and not any publishing costs. This gives you chance to display ad online without much expenses.

The Experts at XHTML Champs will help you to find the right to advertise and will help you in managing your advertisement processes online.

Digital Marketing- Online Reputation Management

In a world where the internet has become an essential thing in our life, building a reputation through that media will fetch you many customers and ensures improvement of your business.

marketing-iconInternet has emerged as the most favorite media of today. According to many surveys, more people are depending internet than any other media to get various information they are seeking. In such a situation building a reputation in this media will take you to more prospective customers who will help you a lot to improve your business.

Here at XHTML Champs, our experts in digital marketing are ready to help you in this regards. By actively participating in forums discussions and by posting product reviews in various sites we will help you to build up your image in this world of new generation marketing.

We never miss a chance to propagate your message through social media which is increasing its influence in people. Apart from that, we are also experts in maintaining blogs for you and managing blog comments in related blogs to attract more viewers to your site and thus building a good reputation for you.