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PSD to miniBB Forums

PSD to minibb Forum

The community created forums can be used as a platform to discuss many things, sharing views and also for meeting minds. By creating such a community you can propagate your ideas as well as use the same for giving publicity to your business.

MiniBB forums are a standalone, open source programs which can be used to your own Internet forum, it is free to download and highly customizable in nature. As compared to other forum software which is available on the market, miniBB just brings forth a easy, light and quick forum. For a simple and stable message board to be attached to your existing website at the integration level, including the customization of the layout to the look of your website, Mini BB is the direction to head.

More over mini bb gives you the facility to create unique designs and templates to suit your requirements and also to have enough features. Your search ends with us at XHTMLchamps for conversion from PSD to MiniBB forums.

PSD to minibb Forum - FeaturesAt XHTMLChamps we offer multi browser compatibility and multi device compatibility which works on enhancing the reach of your website .Visitors can use devices such as desktops, laptops, I phones, I pads, smart phones, tablets, notebooks etc to browse your site without any compromise on display. Given the fast paced lives we all lead greater the adaptability of the forum the more popular it gets. When attractive designs attract visitors, the additional features provided can make more than regular visitors.

The experts at XHTML Champs are capable of understanding your requirements and providing the right kind of forum your website needs!

PSD to minibb Forum - Our ExperienceWe at XHTML Champs have gained sufficient exposure with a wide variety of clients in conversion of PSD files to miniBB forum. Different clients across different time zones have given us sufficient exposure in this process thus giving us the opportunity to create numerous unique styles and features in forums. Our enriched experience helps us identify your requirements better; and thus bringing about unique solutions to your website. Minibb forums are rich in features and the right conversion service provider will be in a position to bring out the best of the forums in your website.

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Some common FAQs

  • What is mini BB?

    Vanilla is an open source community forum that powers discussion forums in more than 6 million sites.

  • How much it costs me?

    It is totally free and you can download it directly.

  • Does mini BB available in languages other than English?

    Yes, About 40 pre-existing language packs are available and interface language modification is also a easy process.

  • Can I customize my forum?

    Yes you can customize it to meet your needs and taste.

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PSD to miniBB Forums - Hosting

miniBB is a forum software that helps to create a forum of you in internet easily. It also enables you to keep it as a simple message board attached to your existing website.

minibbThe teams at XHTML Champs have a pool of experts by themselves in MiniBB system installation and setup. With almost 7 years of experience in web technology and with the help of most modern technology available with us our hosting services are by and far unparalleled in the industry. Though MiniBB forum is easy to use, it needs a lot of customization and integration to make it unique and attractive. The right kind of forum drives traffic enhance interaction between users and most of all makes a positive impact on your website thereby on your business as well, Choose well and choose us.

PSD to miniBB Forums - Design and Themes

We at XHTML Champs have enough experience in designing and developing websites with many added features. We use the same expertise in designing miniBB forums too.

minibbWe at XHTML Champs have already have enough experience in designing and developing websites with advanced features. We use the same expertise in designing MiniBB forums as well. We can offer you the best service available in designing and developing miniBB forums. As experts in developing unique themes and templates we use liquid layout technology to make it cross-browser compatible as well as across devices. We offer the following services -.

  • miniBB templates development
  • mini BB design integration
  • Theme installation
  • Re-designing solution
  • Mini BB designing
  • Graphic creations
  • Mobile optimization.

PSD to miniBB Forums - Customization and Integration

No need to say about the significance of customization as far as forums is concerned. The experts at XHTML Champs will extend their hands to you here.

minibbThe magic of an attractive forum with unique features lies in its ability to mobilize user interaction. Along with the variety of topics discussed in the platform, there should also be some unique features to complement the forum. As we attempt to understand your requirements, our experts can also function as your consultants to suggest the right kind of features for your forum. We offer the following services too.

  • miniBB CMS integration
  • Plug-in development
  • Dynamic forum development
  • miniBB web development
  • miniBB forum customization
  • miniBB application development
  • miniBB forum integration
  • Cross-content search

PSD to miniBB Forums - Module Development

XHTML Champs has a reputation of satisfying the clients by incorporating all their needs in websites or in forums. We are able to develop modules for this purpose.

minibbXHTML Champs has a reputation of satisfying clients by translating all their requirements into websites or in forums as and when needed. We develop modules for each of these requirements.

Module development is an area which demands the developer to have a sound understanding of client's requirements and should be capable of developing the modules that match requirements. The team at XHTML Champs has experience in working with different types of clients with varied requirements. Further we offer the following services

  • miniBB modules and add-ons
  • Custom module development
  • Project discussion and evaluation
  • Simplified site set up and Customization

PSD to miniBB Forums - Up-gradation Services

Timely up-gradation will help you to keep in touch with the changing pace of technology and at the same time attracts a large number of tech savvy visitors too.

minibbA forum which keeps itself in tune with changing trends and technology is one that attracts the maximum number of users. The developments in technology never stop at any point and therefore there is an imperative need for upgrades on your forums, thereby your website.

At XHTMLchamps We keep our mind open for new ideas and strive to keep up with evolving technologies. Our staff is kept abreast with technology by means of regular workshops and training sessions and there are regular investments in technology that is being made. Ahead we offer the following services;

  • miniBB up-gradation
  • Customization in existing miniBB websites
  • PHP and MySQL Errors
  • Solving HTML and CSS related problems
  • Internet forum software (PHP/ MySQL)

PSD to miniBB Forums - Maintenance and Support

When you need a trouble free life for your forums, you need the help of a professional to maintain it properly. We offer the service for a reasonable price.

minibbPerformance of forums will depend on maintenance of the same from time to time. Instances such as having to repair of broken links, removing some unwanted features or adding some attractive features may be required from time to time. More in the case of forum with commercial activities, regular maintenance is required from time to time.

The team at XHTML Champs not only provides specific services in miniBB website maintenance and miniBB forum maintenance, but also extend 24X7 customer support that will be made available round the clock to solve any issue.

PSD to miniBB Forums - Bug Fixing

Forums are more prone to bug attack. However, the experts at XHTML Champs are at your service round the clock.

minibbIncorporation of unique features on your website calls upon inclusion of advanced programs on your website, now bigger and sophisticated the program code gets greater the bugs or malfunctions. These bugs also have the tendency to bring down the overall efficiency of the website subsequently bringing about losses to the business.

Our team at XHTML Champs is not only adept at handling miniBB forum bug fixing but will also be in a position to handle overall mini BB forum technical support and troubleshooting. The trick to effectively fix bugs is to be able to handle it immediately before it begins any downslide on the performance of the website. Be rest assured that you can rely on the services of our 24X7 customer support team at XHTML Champs.

PSD to miniBB Forums - Search Engine Optimization

We offer a high page ranking for your pages as we are experts in on line optimization.

minibbPage ranking and page results are positive factors that play an important role in the popularity or visibility of your website. Search Engine Optimization is that process which works on your websites visibility factor. When you achieve a top position in the search engine result list, it automatically reflects on your page ranking.

We at XHTML Champs take all steps to assure a higher optimization on all your web pages. Our team at XHTMLchamps is capable of effective miniBB search engine optimization we offer SEO friendly miniBB websites which brings about an increase in page ranking. HTML code shortening and hand coding also favors fast loading websites, which is another criterion for search engine crawlers to rate your website better.

PSD to miniBB Forums - Mobile Compatibility

Mobile compatibility is the need of the hour and we are experts in developing websites and forums with mobile compatibility.

minibbConsumers today have taken to smart phones and hand held internet based devices and it has become imperative for websites to function effectively across devices and browsers. Portable mobile devices such as I phones, I pads, Black Berry, Tablets, Notebooks etc have gained popularity as means to access internet on the go and thus websites and forums are under pressure to perform as well as they would on a desk or laptop.

The team at XHTMLchamps begin work on this with theme compatibility and we also ensure that the navigation through the site will be as easy as it will be on a bigger device. Our efforts will be directed at miniBB mobile compatible thus ensuring your forums wider reach. With increased popularity of the forum the page ranking also begins climbing steadily.