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PSD to Vanilla Forums

PSD to Vanilla Forum

Vanilla allows you to create a customized community that encourages positive participation, curates content and lets members drive the process of moderation. Vanilla forum software offers the right kind of features to create a unique community of users as per your requirements. Vanilla forum software optimizes your forum platform for speed and thus this automatically brings about an increase the interest of members to participate in discussions.

All of this begins with conversion of your design from PSD or in any other format to Vanilla before you attempt to create a unique design for your forum page. The process begins with slicing of files in PSD, JPEG or any other format. It requires the services of the right conversion service provider to carry out this process without any change to the original design thus handed in. Your search ends right here with us at XHTMLchamps!

PSD to Vanilla Forum-FeaturesOur exposure to all versions of Vanilla, our team at XHTML Champs can offer you all types of solutions right from PSD to Vanilla conversion right up to up-gradation to latest version of Vanilla or even migration to Vanilla from any other CMS. Our strength lies right here with our team, highly qualified and well experienced, most importantly it is the committed attitude towards quality delivery of projects. We offer you search engine friendly web pages such that the traffic to your site increases.

Our conversion services come with W3C validated codes which are hand written and concise, thus earning you the right place with search engines.

PSD to Vanilla Forum - Our ExperienceWe at XHTML Champs have efficiently handled multiple PSD conversion projects; clients different in terms of their size and requirements. We have created a number of award winning websites with advanced features and functionalities. You may be rest assured on the fact that forums we incorporate in your website will earn you the right of popularity with consumers as well as work on driving traffic to your website. We have set strict quality measures for all processes during conversion and ensure that at each stage there is conformance to the same.

We work toward quality in service and customer satisfaction is the sole factor driving our standards in performance. We also work towards delivery of all our projects ahead of time.

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Some common FAQs

  • What is Vanilla?

    Vanilla is an open source community forum that powers discussion forums in more than 6 million sites.

  • Why should I go for Vanilla?

    It is build for speed and with a cloud based platform that scales to meet the needs of communities of all sizes.

  • Will Vanilla work on mobile devices?

    Yes it will work on any mobile device using web browser. App download not required.

  • Can Vanilla integrate with any platform?

    Yes it can.

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PSD to Vanilla Forums - Hosting

Need a proper installation and hosting to enjoy all the features of Vanilla forums.

vanillaVanilla is gaining more popularity as forum software as more number of clients seems to be taking it. We have a fairly good experience in hosting vanilla forums for quite a number of them. We have an exclusively allocated team designated for installation and set up of Vanilla forums. We offer services in the following areas as well-

  • Vanilla hosting
  • Vanilla installation
  • Vanilla configuration

PSD to Vanilla Forums - Design and Theme

Whether it is a forum or a website, design matters the most as it creates the first impression in the minds of a visitor.

vanillaDesigns should be attractive and at the same time should have the same impact while browsing on different devices. The liquid layout used ensure cross device compatibility. With our experience in designing multi-lingual websites, we develop theme and templates to address the requirements of forums. We offer the following services:

  • Vanilla template development
  • Vanilla design integration
  • Theme installation
  • Re-designing solutions
  • Vanilla design
  • Graphic designs
  • Branding services
  • W3C standard compliances
  • Expanded photo and video capabilities
  • Mobile optimization

PSD to Vanilla Forums - Customization and Integration

Customization of forums to meet the requirements that arise from time to time and integration of special features will be done with maximum accuracy.

vanillaCustomization is the most essential to keep your forums updated with an evolving technology. Apart from adding new features you may also have to provide third party integration also to make the forums more attractive. Apart from theme customization, you may require module customization; commerce customization etc so as to drive traffic towards the website. We provide the following services:

  • Vanilla CMS integration
  • Plug-in development
  • Dynamic forum development
  • Vanilla payment solutions
  • Vanilla forum customization
  • Open source Vanilla development
  • Vanilla forum integration
  • Cross-content search

PSD to Vanilla Forums - Module Development

Experts at XHTML Champs are capable of developing modules to initiate programs of your choice.

vanillaDifferent modules assigned to perform different function form the base of a computer program; and these keep changing with a changing business or technology. Our team at XHTML Champs can not only understand your requirements, but also can guide you through numerous new programs which help your forums come alive. We provide the following services as well

  • Vanilla modules and add-ons
  • Custom module development
  • Quality assurance
  • Simplified set up and customization

PSD to Vanilla Forums - Up-gradation

No forums can keep its popularity unless upgrade to the latest technology from time to time. Up-gradation from a lower version to a latest one can be done at XHTML Champs.

vanillaAll forums require time to time updation of features and content due to its interactive nature. Users expect forums to evolve with changing trends and hence the need for up gradation. Up-gradations need to happen on a regular basis for obvious reasons, for inclusion of enhanced features and greater website performance. Most importantly the popularity of a forum will largely rely on advanced features offered, reduced instances of bugs and most importantly the overall user experience it offers.

  • Vanilla Up-gradation
  • Customization in existing Vanilla forum
  • Rectification of PHP and MySQL errors
  • Rectification of HTML and CSS related programs
  • Internet forum software (PHP/MySQL)

PSD to Vanilla Forums - Maintenance & Service

Regular maintenance is must for smooth functioning of any websites or forums. XHTML Champs do it with a touch of professionalism.

vanillaRegular maintenance for websites to consistently perform, such is the case of forums as well. Activities such as having to add new links or remove some existing links due to various reasons may need to be undertaken from time to time. A broken links will also need to be taken care of. Your forum will also need to be updated with data from time to time.

With an experience of working with a wide range of websites and forums, XHTML Champs will be in a position to understand the requirements of your forum easily from time to time and can come up with solution accordingly. We offer Vanilla forum maintenance to your total satisfaction.

PSD to Vanilla Forums - Bug Fixing

No need to be afraid of bugs when XHTML Champs is around you. We have the experts and the technology to fix the bugs for you.

vanillaBugs or malfunctions arise due to deployment of complicated programs which are added to the main program; now these programs are essential as a means to enhance functionality of the website. On the flipside these bugs or malfunctions tend to bring the efficiency of the forum/website and also bring about loss of valuable data. So what do you do?

It is here that the service of XHTMLchamps comes to your rescue! The team at XHTML Champs is experienced in Vanilla trouble shooting and in offering complete Vanilla forum technical support

PSD to Vanilla Forums - Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO in short is quite necessary to get your forum noticed. We can help you in this area in more than a way.

vanillaSearch Engine Optimization or SEO in short is essential for your forum to get noticed in the right way. Greater the popularity, greater the traffic driven towards your traffic. When there are a good number of forums, your forum should be search engine optimized to land on top of search results.

Our experts direct a lot of efforts in this direction during design and development stage of vanilla forums itself. Hand coding HTML codes also accelerate the loading time of the websites; this also acts a catalyst for search engine optimization too. Providing suitable links, optimizing images and using right keywords in Meta tags helps us in optimizing forums better.

PSD to Vanilla Forums - Mobile Compatibility

Mobile compatibility is necessary in today's world where most of the people are using small mobile devices for browsing.

vanillaForums demand an active participation of members to render themselves popular and sought after. This fact itself demands the forum should cut across devices and also be multi-browser compatible. In a situation where more people are using small mobile devices for browsing, it should be mobile compatible. Along with theme compatibility, it should also be easy to navigate through websites in any device without any compromise on user experience. The experts at XHTML Champs can offer you the best of services in making Vanilla mobile compatible.

While we offer the original quality of the design in any device, we also ensure that there is no compromise on navigation or user compromise.